Sram AXS - Road/MTB power meter compatibility

Hi all

Currently using the Sram force/red axs quarq power meter on my road bikes. It uses Srams new 8-bolt direct mount fitting.

I’m now wondering if I could use this powermeter on my mtb too. Sram do make an 8-bolt direct mount crank for Eagle XX1 but also suggest that it’s to be used with the “eagle xx1 powermeter”.

Has anyone tried using the road PM with the MTB cranks? Looks like it should work in theory but haven’t seen a definitive answer.


Eagle runs a specific offset for the boost spacing, I’d imagine the road power meter is not the appropriate 3mm offset. I could be wrong however.

Thanks. Is that specific to the crank rather than the chainring then?

On the subject of chainrings, i realise that the BCDs of each is different so i think that means the smallest chainring i could use with the road PM on the mtb would be a 38t

My understanding is that the offset is at the spider or the chainring (for direct mount). For instance, if you buy a direct mount eagle chainring, you must buy the chainring in the 3mm offset for a boost bike.

However, for a spider-based power meter like the quarq or a Power2Max, it is the spider that is offset, and a standard 104bcd chainring is mounted. That is why I don’t believe the road power meter would be compatible. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t mount it on the crank, but it would not have the correct chainline.

Somebody smarter than me please chime in lol.

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Note 3-bolt <> 8-bolt <> AXS 8-bolt. The AXS 8-bolt has a different mating surface than the 8-bole.

I think you can. You’ll need to use +3mm offset chainrings or spacers though.