Quarq Dzero cranks

Does anyone know where I can source some shorter Quarq Dzero cranks (pre AXS/DUB - GXP). I am after something in the 160-165mm range. Sram discontinued this model when they switched bottom bracket standards to dub.

I wanted to switch the power meter to a TT bike but need shorter cranks. It would suck to have to buy a whole new power meter.

I attempted to do this as the AXS/DUB update was launching. I contacted Quarq direct and they said that it was possible to replace the 175mm cranks with 165mm ones but once I accounted for the taxes and shipping to the UK it was cheaper to sell and rebuy as a whole.

Stock might have dried up by now but that might be your best bet.

I think you can just find the corresponding crankarms from that generation that match or BB. Just make sure they are the 3 bolt crank arms and the spider should bolt on

Already spoken to SRAM and they have nothing. I have been trying on time trial forums and ebay but nothing so far.

dzero is 8 bolt.

The Dzero PM is 8 bolt but the non PM spider is usually 3 bolt(with 8 recesses on the crankarm)

Edit: I misrembered, the quarq PM arms are backwards compatible with 3 bolt spiders(and direct mounts) but not the other way around.

Are you looking for GXP? You can use the new AXS (GXP) crank arms on the Quarq Dzero spider. I have two Dzero spiders with the new AXS cranks arms installed on them. Fit perfectly well.

Check out JCOB cranks, they’re 8-bolt, 24mm spindle and go really short.