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I’m searching for a big event for 2020, late May or early June, on or off road. I’m based in the UK but I’d like to do something different, overseas preferably as I’ve really enjoyed the Etape du Tour in France. Perhaps something in North America.

It’s a really wide net but does anyone have any recommendations of specific events or, preferably, listings of “sportive” events in their country?

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These don’t meet your overseas criteria but the Fred Whitton Challenge and The Dirty Reiver in the UK are both excellent events and a bit different to your average sportive

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Thanks! I’m from Newcastle so know them both funnily enough. I’m trying to find a bit of a bucket list ride to be honest and can’t seem to find any listings other than for UK events

Ah that suddenly makes them a bit boring since they’re so local to you!

I’m considering doing the Mallorca 312 next year, that looks pretty cool. Mainstream, but cool

Also not overseas, but if you like mountains there are so many sportives in the alp region over the summer. Many of them are relatively small, but well organised.
for instance, I did this one this year:

(it’s in german, but google translate helps :stuck_out_tongue: )
Can definitely recommend. There are probably a dozen others just like this one.

Edit: If you like a challenge: maybe the hardest of them all is the Supergiro dolomiti:

I did this one last year in Portugal, tough stuff but epic, also I consider it a bargain for the amount of support there is (35 euros I believe when the equivalent level of ride elsewhere would cost way more, I think)

Have you ever considered an event run by these folks? Haute Route

A few of the guys I ride with do two or three a year and love them. I think all the Infinity Passes have sold but there might be spaces on individual events.

A real Italian test. Miglia Italia.

If you love to climb, cycling in the Sierra Nevadas of North America is beautiful. One of the more popular rides generally attracting 2-3k riders is known as “The Death Ride”. It’s the 2nd weekend in July and includes 5 mountain passes (125mi; 15kft).

Several years ago, the Alta Alpina Cycling Club, the original organizers of the Death Ride, created an even more challenging ride, perhaps one of the toughest double centuries in North America, known as the Alta Alpina Challenge. It’s 8 mountain passes (200mi; 20kft), including the 5 of the Death Ride passes (you can optionally do the shorter 5 pass challenge). It’s held at the end of June and may meet your timing need:

I know it’s not in your time frame, but the spring classics have sportives attached to them. Did the Amstel Gold this year. Really good event. May have put Paris Roubaix down for 2021 as a bucket list event

If you’re trying to find a bucket list ride, you could argue it’s not a bucket list ride! Does it have to be an organised ride/event? Could you create a list of ride you want to to so you can tick them off? For example - Alp d’Huez, Mt Tiede, etc?

I’m liking the sound of that Death Ride. That would destroy me, but that’s another topic.

Out east (USA), there’s a very well run ride called the B2VT. It began as the Harpoon brewery (in Boston) to Harpoon brewery (in VT) ride 20 years ago. Now the route is Bedford, MA to Okemo Mt. in VT. 149 miles / 9,400 ft.

I’ve only done it once, and had a great experience, but much of that was social, as I was with a group of friends who were very compatible riders. We merged with another group and had some cracking good pacelines going on most everything but the climbs.

La Morzine Haut Chablais in mid June

Now THAT is a lovely ride! I’ve got a house in Morzine so spend a lot of time on those roads. If anyone is interest in an Alpine ride, this is a good one.

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not sure what qualifies as “overseas” for you guys in the UK, however, this seems to be pretty global (though I’ve never really searched for something outside IT, FR, and CH)

Haute Route Asheville is mid-May 2020. Come over to North Carolina and experience our lovely mountains, high pollen counts and extreme humidity :smiley:

Seriously though, Asheville is great for both on- and off-road riding, food and beer (if that’s you’re thing). And Haute Route drew some really strong riders last year.

I know you mentioned going overseas but have you heard of, or given any thought to the Yorkshire Beast?

I’ll be doing the event for the 3rd year running next year and think it’s brilliant. The route is amazing, the atmosphere is special and it’s really well run. I haven’t found a tougher and better challenge in the UK. Be warned though, it’s not called the beast for nothing. 200 miles, 16,000ft and a time cut off at every feed station.

This looks amazing, but HARD.

Did you do the long course?