The Rift 2021 (Iceland gravel race)

200km around a (literal) volcano on July 24, 2021. Registration is open.

Anybody else going?

No but that sounds awesome. Iceland is an amazing place.

Been looking at that before, looks amazing. Iceland is horribly expensive though. :smirk:

I was registered for 2020, then deferred to 2021. Had an entire 10 day trip planned.

Hopefully 2021 happens.


TRUE. Hubby and I didn’t get to do anything fun for our 15th anniversary this year so this’ll make up for it :laughing:


Plan Builder rotates me through SSB2 → SusPB → Century a couple times. I’ll probably swap Sustained for General for at least one of those because Sustained is the pits. Maybe do some sort of “off season” at some point?

It’s on my list, but I need to figure out when the formerly-2020 family summer trip will happen in 2021.

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Yup…5 of us from the Chicago area are registered. Just need COVID to cooperate. :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’d say odds are 50/50…which is why I bought the insurance as well.



Fillin’ up quick!

I’m going with a riding buddy. Assuming it comes off which I’m guessing is 50/50 at best I’m planning on arriving on the Thursday morning before the race, racing on Saturday and then staying for the week with my wife and kid (grown up kids for the most part). Really hoping it comes off but at this point who knows (good excuse to buy a new gravel bike though1).

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It’s on my bucket list! Don’t think I’ll aim for 2021 with so much uncertainty, but definitely want to make it in near future. Watch the video GCN did at the Rift last year where Ollie rides it. Looks spectacular!


Will do - already saw the Ted King video (like 5 times) - looks fantastic

I’m looking at a new frame for The Rift. Currently have a Specialized Crux, but I don’t race CX and would prefer something with a lower BB and slightly longer TT. Currently running a 120 stem, and would like to cut it down to a 100.

Looking at the Aspero as that has the lowest BB I can find right now…but not thrilled with a PF BB.

Will just take my Ultegra stuff from my Crux over to a new frame if I get one.

I was looking at a Lauf True Grit (it is Iceland right?!?) but have moved on to the 3T Racemax which looks like a Porche designed for gravel. I’m guessing that either will work just fine.

Lauf is actually the organizer of the whole thing, the race is a giant showcase for the bike :smiley:

Think these are all the other videos out there on The Rift, outside of Ted King’s…

Hoping I don’t have to wrap a tube around my tire to get to the finish… :rofl:

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Yeah, I looked at the Lauf frames, but the BB is higher than I want…only a few MM lower than my Crux, while the Aspero is a full CM lower.

well i know what i’ll be looking at for the next hour plus - thanks!

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I had spent months agonizing over which tires I would run for this race. Finally decided on Continental terra speed (40mm). Then it got canceled, and now I have several more months to debate tire selection.

Any thoughts from anyone who completed the 2019 event or are familiar with Icelandic gravel?

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