The Rift 2022 (Iceland gravel race)

So, registration opened and sold out in less than 25 minutes. Who’s registered? How will your training be leading up to the race?

I signed up. My training will consist of 9 months of panic, I think. Hyperventilating should really work the lungs.


Great plan. Exactly how I intend to prepare as well.

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I’m so sad I missed the registration by just a little bit. :pensive:

Does anyone know if there is an official (or unofficial) waitlist? Or a place people typically go to sell/transfer registrations?

There is a Facebook community group for The Rift. You will see folks sometimes selling (at cost) their ticket because they can’t make it for one reason or another. And others requesting for tickets.

I managed to snag one so now I need to stop eating turkey and pumpkin pie and start training!

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I had luck and got registered to 200 K event. Do you guys know what is the difference between the Pro/elite class and age groups? It wasn’t described at the web page, but I will participate in my age group as I don’t have a lot of racing experience even though the fitness is ok.

My training will be affected by lack of time, but I try to fit 10-12 hours per week riding in my schedule. If I can’t make it, I will run and do some gym work instead. I have to do some trainer work, but I think I will do longer rides with fatbike if we will get a lot of snow.

This year I have done with quite bad training (avg 6-8 hours per week, mostly short Z2 rides and some hard Z3-Z4 rides) 2x20 min @ 390 W, 367 watts for 60 minutes and 255 watts for seven hours so my fitness is already in good shape for the event. I just need to drop some weight, I think I am at 90 kg now so my racing weight would be around 85 kg. I have to do it carefully to not have a negative effect for the fitness.

I’m looking for a 50k or 100k mens ticket. Send me a message if you have one available. We can do a secure exchange through Thanks!

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You should monitor the race Facebook group. Tickets are regularly offered up for sale there.
There are even some for sale rn

This is such a great event…I can’t say enough great things about it.

3 buddies and I did it last year and just had a wonderful time. Iceland is gorgeous and so many fascinating things to do / see. Very friendly people, wonderful food and a great beer scene, as well.

The weather for the race last year was kinda schitt, but as long as you dress properly, it is entirely manageable. A GoreTex ShakeDry jacket is highly recommended.

If anyone has any questions or would like suggestions, lemme know…definitely take advantage of the dry clothes drop just after the halfway point.

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I concur!

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I am looking for a 50km ticket and haven’t seen one in the facebook group yet.

They offer only 100km and 200km
I believe