Bucket list events?

Hi everyone. Just wondered if people have suggestions for great events to do? I’m in UK but interested in events in Europe too. But thought it would be good hear from others about their experiences or plans?
London to Paris was one I did recently, really good. But I’ve found smaller events often great. Think my favourite in UK was Bealach na Bar in Scotland. Amazing scenery, UK’s longest road climb, and crazy weather.

Did the Mallorca 312 last year which was epic, would love to do the Marmotte or Maratona Dolomites.

For the UK I’d recommend
The Struggle Moors (33% Rosedale Chimney at 90 miles in was cruel)
and a lesser known one -
Ronde Van Calderdale.
Many climbs over 25% with a load of cobbled sections to put you through some pain, quite early on in the season too!

I live in the US and these are my bucket list events:

Trans BC- Weeklong Enduro Race in British Colombia
BC Bike Race - XC/Trail Stage Race in British Columbia
Breck Epic - XC/Trail Stage Race in Colorado
EWS Event - Enduro World Series Race
Grinduro - Enduro style gravel event in California

Lots to look forward to!


Another European one is the Vatternrunden, 300km round a lake in Sweden with 20,000 riders. Well worth the trip.


It’s not an event as such, but have a look at Cycling Ascents in Le Bourg d’Osians ,France. Alpe d’heuz, Galibier, Croix de Fer, Glandon etc. Highly recommended.

Take a look at the Haute Route events in Europe and / or the US. I’ve done the Haute Route Mavic Rockies 2017 and Haute Route San Francisco 2018, and I’m planning on doing Haute Route San Francisco 2019. If one decide to sign-up for a Haute Route event, reach out to me prior to registering as I’m a Haute Route Elite Ambassador and can provide a discount code.

Additional events in the US:

  • Levi’s Gran Fondo
  • Malibu Gran Fondo - I used to live in the area, and the climbs are pretty amazing
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Add Barry Roubaix and Iceman…

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One of my major bucket list rides is the Yukon Arctic Ultra. https://arcticultra.de

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Challenge Roth
Monster Time Trial in Almere
GranFondo Sportful

Other stuff:

Bikepacking in Scotland and/or Iceland

Thanks guys you’ve given me some great ideas. I’m doing Raid Pyrenees next year which I’m looking forward to. Granfondo Sportful Dolomiti looks amazing - tempted to tack that on too but negotiations with the missus haven’t got off to a good start!

AlpenBrevet https://www.alpenbrevet.ch
I’ve encountered plenty of Brits who fly over for it. Swiss Air (or BA) into ZRH, then train (with bike in box or not, just be sure to buy a ticket for it) straight to the start town. The start town rotates as they rotate the course.

There are 4 routes: bronze, silver, gold, platinum. Bronze is only two Alpine passes with 7860’ (2396m) of ascent and 69km of riding. And silver is 3 passes, over 12,000’ of ascent and 120km ride. Gold is 4 passes with over 16,700’ (5094m) ascent over 160km. Platinum is 5 passes, 264km with over 22,400’ (6831m) of ascent. Silver, Gold, Platinum all start at the same time. You can switch mid-ride between Silver & Gold/Plat: there’s a turn off with Silver that way and G/P the other. To do Platinum, you have to reach a certain point by a certain time. Good food at the end. Great views. This year is was at or below 0 C at times, with wet roads and sometimes visibility down to 10m (not fun on the cobblestone descent from Gotthardpass, esp after the cobblestone ascent on the other side with sun and strong heads). Last year, the whole ride was sunny and warm.

The roads are always in excellent condition. On a sunny day, the downhills are fast.

Again, no need for a car. Just take a train up and down. Much easier that way. Just a suggestion.

Do the platinum and maybe squeeze some more climbing and do an everest attempt. I think I heard someone on the podcast may have done that. :wink:

Wow the Alpen Brevet sounds absolutely brutal - especially the platinum version and then if you’re unlucky with the weather it sounds really tough. Must have been perishing on those decents .

Haute Route is on my bucket list. Les Alpes version is the one I’ve been recomended.

La Marmotte is one I would recommend. Done it and loved to hate it. Would like to go and hate it all over again.

This year i do the Alpenbrevet Platinum and the Almere Monster TT and some running races this winter.

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Breck Epic is one of mine too, I’m a sucker for all that above-the-treeline riding.

Would love to go across the pond and do both Grinduro Scotland and the Three Peaks Cyclocross at some point at well.

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