Splitting Longer Endurance Ride

I have a trip coming up, but I’ll be able to take my bike and a trainer with me. I have a couple of 2:30 rides scheduled during the trip, however I don’t think that I’ll be able to set aside that amount of time in one chunk. I should be able to get in 90 minutes in one chunk, and can probably do that twice in a day. So do I just split the ride in 2 while keeping the same duration? Or do I do two 90 minute rides of similar intensity? Or just do one 90 minute ride with a TSS similar to the scheduled 2:30 ride?

Just do whatever you like and have time for - it doesn’t matter!

There’s nothing sacrosanct about whatever is currently scheduled in your plan - those workouts are there based on the availability you’ve previously indicated when the plan was generated. If that’s changed, then fine :person_shrugging:.

If you’re taking your bike, can you get the endurance work done outdoors instead of needing the trainer with you too? See a new place! (or die trying, maybe, depending on location… :eyes:).


Hey @Redleg94 !

If the 2:30 rides you are talking about are the Endurance rides, you can just choose a Workout Alternate at the duration that works for you. You’d still be working the correct energy system just in a shorter time :slight_smile:

Goes the same for other training zones.



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