Best way to split a long ride when time crunched?

Have a 3 hr ride (done at 65-70% of FTP) coming up on the schedule. However due to my schedule I don’t have chunk of time long enough to get this done.

I have two 90 minute chunks that are separated by about 3-4 hours. So what would be the best option for doing two shorter rides to replace this? I thought about doing just two 90 minute rides at the same intensity of the workout I’m replacing, but thought the break in between them might make it less than ideal. Perhaps do the first workout at a higher intensity and then the second one at 65-70%?

Wondering if this has been covered in the podcast at all

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I would just do both the same by rpe. I do alot of a split up rides and I think its about 80-90% as effective as one long ride. Not quite as good but still super good and effective long term

Maybe do the first 90 mins as a tempo ride…something like Round bald and the second at normal endurance - like Baxter or Brasstown…bit more TSS to make up for the rest :grinning:

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Personally, I’d just split it up and do both sessions at the 65-70% intensity. Is it as good as doing it in one shot? Probably not. How much worse? I’ve never seen anything covering that so its anyones guess. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good (or good enough.)

Its also just one workout. Missing it or doing it in a sub-optimal way isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.