Spindown seconds to complete?

Hi everyone,
I can’t find the answer to this anywhere. I understand that there is a guide as far as how much to tighten the blue knob (Wahoo Kikr Snap) based on how long the spindown takes to spin down? So, for example, if the spindown takes 10 sec then I need to loosen blue knob versus if spindown takes 30 seconds I need to tighten it. Any information is greatly appreciated. I am referring to using the WAHOO app.
Thank you.

There isn’t really a goal time AFAIK. Per their support site:


  • Ensure the roller adjustment knob is turned 2 complete (360º) rotations once it contacts the tire
  • Check tire pressure before each ride to match the pressure recommended on the tire sidewall
  • Perform a warmup and spindown before every ride
  • Always use a slick (non-knobby) tire with the KICKR SNAP as knobs generate excessive noise and vibration
  • Use tires with a hard compound or a dedicated trainer tire to decrease wear and extend tread life
  • Tighten the roller one quarter turn (90º) if your tire consistently slips when pedaling

The spindown takes that basic setup and then uses the final time to set the power estimation. With that, all you should need to do is follow the steps above and you are set.

I thought originally it should be between 10-15s - that use to be stated on the TR spindown…now it doesn’t say how long it takes but I go for 2 1/4 rotations of the wheel once in contact with the tyre…seems to work.

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