Wahoo Kickr 2018 spindown

Hi all,

I usually run my spindowns after a workout session. I just noticed that the Wahoo app suggests riding approximately 10 minutes prior to the spindown.

Is it OK if I run the spindown after a workout instead of a 10 minute ride? I did notice that the trainer temperature shows up at +125ºF after the spindown completed, so I guess the temperature may throw the trainer off?


Totally fine, IMO. I do the same thing twice a month to keep my K17 set well. No issues when checked against my P1 pedals.


Thanks @mcneese.chad! Btw, how do you check the trainer against your pedals?

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Yes. The 10 minutes is to warm up the trainer. I perform a spin down weekly after my Saturday morning ride. I use the Wahoo app and my trainer is usually at 128F. FWIW, my spin downs usually take 18.5 seconds.


I just run each device (trainer and pedals) to separate apps (one on TR, the other on Zwift) and eyeball the differences on steady efforts.

It’s not comprehensive like a full analysis or post-ride data files, but it is enough to see they are tracking within the claimed tolerances of each other.

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does anyone -ever- get a different value? I always (yes always, summer, winter, 5, 10, 30 minutes in) get the same value: 32768 (kickr core)