Spindown Calibration w/ Wahoo Fitness app or within TR?

Just picked up a 2017 Snap and looking forward to some winter training.

It appears that you can do the spindown thru the Wahoo Fitness app or TrainerRoad.

Does it make a difference? If I am going to use TR for all my training will it be more accurate doing it thru TR?

I tried a spindown once already and it took a LOOOOONG time to come to a stop…roughly 33 seconds. I followed the instructions and touched the roller to the tire and added 2 full turns. I’m using a Continental HomeTrainer tire at 110 psi.

Is it fairly common that you will need to increase the roller tension beyond the 2 full turns in order to reduce the spindown time?

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Did you do the advanced or factory spindown?


Once you’ve done the Factory Spindown in the Wahoo App, it doesn’t matter whether you do the normal day-to-day spindowns in TrainerRoad or Wahoo. They both simply calibrate according to your tire pressure, roller pressure, and overall rolling resistance to make sure that your power readings are accurate.

As for the spindown time, 20-30 seconds is fairly normal. If you would like to speed it up, you could go past the recommended two turns, however, too much further and the calibration may fail.

Let me know if you have any further questions!


Thanks for the reply.

Isn’t the optimal spindown time supposed to be between 10-15 seconds though?

Hi - with my Wahoo Kickr Snap, I get a spin down of roughly 20 to 25 seconds with my Continental 4000 GPII tire and 15 seconds with my Vittoria Trainer tire (this is with 2 1/4 turns at 110 psi). I don’t think it really matters too much (varies from tire to tire) as long as you are consistent and do the spindown.

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I believe that was the pre 2017 version. I think that as long as your tire doesnt slip it will calibrate to what ever the spindown time is.

Thanks guys!

What about any differences between doing spindown calibration in the Wahoo app vs TrainerRoad?

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