Speedplay / Wahoo March 16, 2021 Announcement [Power Meter Pedals?]

Everything you need to know?


Here’s @GPLama’s video. Seems the powerlink ones are either on NDA or embargo similar to Ray’s video.

EDIT: OH JEEZ. That’s what @mcneese.chad shared… I’m an idiot. It thought that was Wahoo’s video. See his post above.

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hmmm, no new bike computers? :frowning:

I hear there is an Orange Bolt coming :rofl:


pity, does not fit to my style :slight_smile:

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Here is the GPLama one in case you missed it!

Looks like the new design addressed the complaints people had with speedplay. New pedal body to cleat redisgn, and needle bearings. They removed the grease ports completely as they say they will not need regular service. So no more wobble and no more maintenance?


Confirmed on some videos that a power meter version will come out in the summer. See this video:

I transitioned away from speedplays because they were so finicky and just costly to maintain. If it has a power meter version…guess i’m back :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Thats fantastic to hear.

I think that rays use of lightroom is brilliant.

Speed plays always seem to come across as pricey. but so does everything these days in Brexitania.

looking forward to power meter review but it does make me wonder.

1, did the muppets at iq2 step on a patent which meant they had stop and make a complete pedal.

2, i wonder if you could reverse enginneer the pedal pod onto a look/spd compatible pedal?

The presence of a pod does not mean it’s a pod-based powermeter, IQ2 v1-style. Assioma has a pod, but uses a beam in the axle as far as I know.

Just my 2 cents but whooptie do… another road power meter pedal, and one that is a total crap show if you step off the paved surface onto something resembling dirt. And a pod system to boot :-1:

Maybe they will have a SPD variant in the pipe line but this isn’t exciting at all for people that ride gravel, cross, or mountain bike. In the US, at least, the momentum is in the off pavement market so this isn’t going to excite very many except the hard core roadies and triathlon crowd. The triathlon folks probably even moreso due to the dual sided entry. Anyway, just my hot take.

They’re aiming at Garmin (Vector) and Assioma, apparently. The gravel crowd is indeed under-served. If you’re a dentist, there’s the SRM X-Power SPD ones, at 1200 USD… The Assioma SPD hack is the most cost-effective solution now. Unless you’re an eternal optimist and are (still) waiting for IQ2, of course.

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They said these were for road use only and they will re-enter the dirt market at a later time.

Speedplays with bearings that last 8 years and dont need greasing again if the forecast even hints at a chance of rain, will be great news. A quality PM version that delivers what it should is HUGE!

Can’t wait…

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Well they look nice, but the waiting game continues for power. sigh

Video from DC Rainmaker. Looks like they’re based on the Nanos, they have a 185lbs weight limit so probably a no-go for me :frowning: . That’s unfortunate because I really liked my old Speedplays.

The price difference Comp to Zero is $80. The only difference on the spec sheet is 10g due to using stainless steel instead of chromoly. Demanding $8/g is pretty bold. Going from Comp to Nano is $5/g, but I suppose the discount is for limiting it to 180lbs.

Seems like having 5 SKUs for one pedal system is making their pricing decisions hard.


Give it a couple of months and you’ll be able to buy after market titanium spindles on eBay, just like the originals. I agree though, the pricing seems really stupid unless they are justifying the different tension cleats somehow.

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