Speedplay / Wahoo March 16, 2021 Announcement [Power Meter Pedals?]

These look really nice, I’m excited to check out a pair in person, should be fairly easy to find the Speedplay users by their distinct swagger enabled by those cleats.


Buzzing for these. Always fancied a dual sided power meter and love my speedplays… would be rude not to upgrade :slight_smile:

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Based on the info shared above, I still expect to see pedal pods needed for the power meter version, for batteries at the least. Maybe they smashed that all in the pedal body, but it sure seems like a tall order.


Cant wait!

My LBS has some Speedplay stuff in stock. garrisonscyclery.com — give them a call and see if they have what you need. They will ship.

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ah wahoo the master of hype… remember the big hype 24 months ago with the yellow/red element bolt

this was 3 week save the date marketing campaign…

i think it will be a “here is the wahoo pedal”


Not true. I’ve pedal struck my speed plays in a Crit. Gouged out plastic edge where it’s now metal in the new design.

Stick the battery in the cleat and put some contacts on the pedal/cleat. What could go wrong?

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Interesting! As of about two weeks ago, I began thinking I might need to opt out from speedily to get the assioma just for the pedal PM. I guess waiting to see what happens here would be smart lol

Plus I really like speedplay and in all honesty don’t wanna give them up but don’t want the price of garmins pedals (hence the thought of assiomas)

Hopefully you’ll share my next video too… it’ll be up in a few hours.



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If all this hype turns out to be a lead up to just a rebranding, I think Wahoo will have a riot on their hands. It might not be power meter pedals, but it damn well better be something more than “we’re changing the name.”


Are there any new bike computers or considerable software updates for the Elemnts coming?
I would like to see some answer to Garmins Climb Pro - I am intrigued to make the switch just because of this

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There’s dozens of us!

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Always happy to share Mr Millar! :blush:

i wasnt taking a pop at you but i do appreciate every second of that video was probably a challenge

looking forward to the next one!

I would say you have a 50/50 chance in my experience #justsayin

We can but dream!

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Good looking pedals, and of course, Wahoo being Wahoo they’ve kept the aero model.

No sighting of the power meter yet though

£380 for a Nano titanium
£240 for the Aero
£200 for Zero
£134 for Comp

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Interesting they’re already on sale!

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Power meter (if it’s really true) might pop up in the sensors: