Which Power to pick for my Venge Disc build?

Hi All

Looking to build a 2019 S-Works Venge Disc frameset up from scratch and trying to decide between different power meters and hoping some may be able to give some feedback from their experiences. Up until now I’ve been using 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen Vector pedals but am switching away to Speedplay pedals on my TT bike so planning to do the same for this bike.

Any recommendations on crank or spider based power meters such as

S-Work Dual Sided Crankset Power Meter
Power2Max NG (probably with Rotor Aldhu cranks) - the iOS related app looks extremely basic for this PM
4iiii Dura Ace Dual Sided pm (would pick a BBInfinite or Hambini BB to use this axle)
Quarq DZero on DUB or BB30 axle

Thanks all


I have a Power2Max NGeco on my mtb and it has been flawless other than a single power spike of ~2700 watts that happened once. It was super easy to install and set up. I would definitely recommend it.

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I’ve had 2 Quarq DZeros and they’re fantastic. Of the rest I’d avoid the 4iii. Various different products involving strain gauges on the current gen Shimano crankarms are having issues with them being hollow.

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Why would you switch away from speedplay on your TT bike? Just about everyone says that they are by far the most aero peddle and not even the fancy aero speed play peddles just the regular ones.

For the record, this is only on drive side crank arms on Shimano. The left side crank arms still report power properly. But yes, Quarq are amazing, they just work all the time.

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Sorry, I didn’t explain it clearly. I’m currently using Vectors on my TT, am changing to use Speedplay from now on, hence the change to a Crank or Spider based PM

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Another vote for Quarq. Purchased mine in June of this year, original battery still, no issues. Owned Vector 3, Assioma Duos and stages L/R. Speedplay user also, enjoy the combination very much.

Isn’t S-Work Dual sided basically a rebranded 4iiii?

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Quarq everyday of the week from that list, if not then Power2Max.

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Sort of. Specialized’s customizations plus not on the problematic Shimano design, which is what really sets it apart.

Both my SWorks have P2Max which have been awesome. Otherwise, I’d go Quarq.

wasn’t an issue with Shimano that does not broadcast power over bluetooth. I use my ipad indoors only on bluetooth, never looked at Shimano again.