Specific Training Advice

Hi all,

I am in the middle of SSMV II and have a little extra time over Easter. This week i did the Thursday ride outside (Jepson) and added 2 H of endurance (—> in total 180 TSS instead of 80). Yesterday a lot of work inside the house and heavy legs today.

Big question: Do i still do carpathian peak +2 today? Or should i sub for 1.5 H endurance?

Tomorrow i will do another 100-120 km outside (endurance).


I would personally try to get the intervals in. You won’t be fresh for every workout and that’s fine. If an extra 2 hours of endurance cooked you I would be more concerned that the endurance effort was too hard.

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Perhaps cut back to Carpathian Peak (or CP +1) to get the similar structured benefits but with less stress, given the extra endurance work you are getting in over easter.

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Go ride endurance, enjoy it outside and do your longer ride tomorrow… back to intervals next week. Can’t have too much z2 endurance work under your belt and you can take advantage of the holiday weekend to get some time in.