Specialty or Build?

I’m eleven weeks away from IM Arizona (it will be my 7th IM over 5 yrs)
I’m about halfway through Long Course Triathlon Build Med volume. I’ll soon be traveling for couple of weeks for work so that will impact my ability to train with intervals. Should I do

  1. complete the Build plan and then do whatever subset of the Specialty’s 8 wks plan?
  2. switch to the Specialty plan whenever there’s 8 wks to go before the race?

This is what we recommend. Complete Build, and then start working your way through Specialty.

When you are two weeks out from your Target Event, you will want to switch to Weeks 7 and 8 of Specialty since these are your Taper Weeks. These weeks will reduce your overall training volume, while retaining the intensity neccessary to keep you primed and ready for race day :+1:.

Good luck!


How about ramp test timing?

We recommend testing when the plan schedules it at the start of the Specialty Plan.