Exercises/Yoga to get more comfortable in a lower position

I am trying to get lower on my bike, as well as in my aero bars for duathlon. I removed some spacers, and plan to slowly do more and more time in the aero bars to get used to it. However, are there any exercises that anyone has found helpful in getting more flexible to get low in the drops or on aero bars?

Getting lower on your bike is not necessarily about increasing your flexibility, but learning how to rotate your hips properly.

I am not flexible at all ( can barely touch my shins and cannot even come close to my toes), but I am very low and aero because I rotate my hips well.

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Interesting @Power13! Could you elaborate a bit more on how you go about that?

So has no one ever increased their flexibility in their back/hips to do this?

I made a thread about this like a year ago, maybe here and also didn’t find anything on exercises or work to increase tolerance of a lower position. I think I may just try taking a spacer out from my bike on the trainer and spend the winter with a few cm less stack and then get a new bike fit in the spring and see if I can tolerate lower.

Here is the thread mentioned.

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The best visual that worked for me was to imagine a dial on your hip….if you were to rotate that dial forward (without changing your body angles), you would rotate your hips forward and be able to achieve a lower position.

Another cue that could help would be to rotate how you sit on the saddle from your sit bones slightly forward.

Getting a snub-nosed saddle like a Specialized Power saddle will also facilitate your rotation.

I had back surgery (discectomy) in 2020 and found this simple 20 min routine work wonders for my flexibility, if I had started doing this prior to 2020 maybe I wouldn’t have needed surgery.

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