TT Position advice

Hi guys,

I’ve recently changed to the below position and wandering what I can do to improve this.

Am I high up at the front end? I’ve tried to go higher as to eat wind at the front. Should I invest in some bars that are higher up as well or drop the front end a tad?

![image|666x500](upload://lYLTSO7IzFGESVIsLGFHZOdM5Or.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://8uyepVDsxi29drqmbu52daNo7n3.jpeg)

You are presumably confident your saddle height is correct?

The best way to do it is pay up to someone who has the right tools.

Not saying you should pay for the retul or similar fittings (they probably the best, but super expensive).

There are many shops who have fitters that have been trained using manual tools and usually very good at what they do.

It might be a little hard to do during the pandemic tho.

  1. Your seat looks low. Raise it a few MM and see how it feels.

  2. You are very compact, which is making you higher in the front. I would look to extend your armrests / extensions. By stretching out, you will get lower. Once you do that, you can decide if you also want to remove spacers from the arm rests.

  3. Good helmet-to-back transition

  4. Good arm angle. That will help lock you in place once you extend out a bit.

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Thanks will check saddle height.

I’m at limit on arm rests in terms of how far they can do unless I can get longer ones from somewhere?!?

Frustrating as I was beaten tonight by someone averaging 20-30 watts less than me so I feel like a parachute. I may try ski bend bars?

Can you get a longer stem? That will achieve the same thing…

Changing the extensions is a marginal gain opportunity…you may pick up a few watts (5w maybe?), but won’t solve the biggest issue, which is how high you are in front.

You can try and remove some of your spacers under your stem to lower your front, but that will also compress your chest cavity…IMO, the best solution is to extend your reach.

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Thank you very much, okay will look into this. Now to research replacing a canyon stem…

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Gone from an 80mm stem to a 110mm with pads very forwards, can easily change pad positions now and also slammed stem and kept some spacers under arm pads and bars. Hopefully this will be better


@Michaelakers1985 when it comes to microadjusting elbow width, hand placement, elbow support height, bike reach, etc the best advice I can give is, ok, look at pictures and take online advice to brainstorm…good place to start.

Don’t just go race with any of those ideas, though. Go take the CdA data. I can’t stress enough that actual results aren’t intuitive nor can they be generalized. You gotta go test it.

If you think just getting lower and longer are always best…well…test with an open mind. :wink: For sure, something your convinced is true will turn out to be totally wrong. Ha!

This is very true, I need to learn how to test. So the upright position, I averaged around 330watts for 10 miles and was beaten by 1 min with 2 guys averaging 300 watts or so.

I’ve yet to test the low position. I have now way of finding my cda unfortunately apart from racing as no wind tunnel ,

Please dont take bike fit advice based on static photos, it will be next to useless.

Speed = aero + power output. So dont forget that the most aero position isnt necessarily the fastest.

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Position is MUCH better…see how low your shoulders are now? Nice job!!

I maybe would have gone with a 100 stem vs. the 110, but see how it feels on the road.

Let us know how it feels…

if you have a power meter and a speed sensor you can use Golden Cheetah and the Chung method charting tool, just need to find an appropriate location

We have a local off street crit track here 1.3k in length which is a good spot for me to test, no braking and a few undulations. There are some good guides around for picking a good location and doing repeatable testing, google is your friend!

Thanks, crazy what a stem can do. I guess I’d been so cramped on the bike trying to do everything I could to change this. Canyon stem off and replaced with a £12 stem!


Final position


Definitely improvement, great head to back transition.

Were you involved with Giant Alpecin then?

Ah no, an ex pro suit handed down sadly! I’m in NoPinz now. Will post up recent postion