Specialized new road bike launch today

Specialized is having a webinar today for the launch of a new road bike…can’t really be the new Tarmac, because it is already out.

Webinar @ 9:00 AM, pacific time.

Stay tuned, I guess!


Correct… something else…

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Is it a bike that isn’t priced akin to a low end car?


I’m only interested if it costs more than a low end car :slight_smile:


ooooh - it’s definitely a roadie? Feel like an entry level TT bike from specialised would sell like hot cakes.

Wish granted :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a TT bike.

  • I assume you mean a UCI legal road TT bike, not a Tri bike?
  • Seems like a stretch, with road bikes on the down swing, and TT being an ever smaller piece of that pie.

Apologies, I meant Tri bike - dreaming of an entry level Shiv

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Do you have a link to where we can watch?

  • Is this bike available in your area?

$2200 USD Shiv Sport, seems like a reasonable price for a carbon frame and related build.

Short of that, they’d need to step down to something like the old aluminum Transition to get price lower.

Do you have a link to the webinar? Will it be broadcasted on youtube?

@mcneese.chad, Do you know where it will be available for general public to watch?

I don’t unfortunately…

They are not available in the UK! Cheapest one here starts at £$10,000 :sweat_smile:

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I really don’t think it will be a Shiv based on the below blurb…

The creation of our latest road bike started with a question: “What if?” What if we built a bike focused around the purest imaginable road riding experience?

We broke the rules when we designed this new bike, and we’re inviting our trusted retail partners to see it first before we introduce it to the world. Join the Specialized Road Team for the big reveal, tomorrow

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The access I have is via shop login, so I assume restricted access initially.

It may be available later, because it “think” they did that for info from prior bike launches.

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oh nice! At least its a pure roadie.

Maybe an ultra comfy endurance bike?

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My guess is some kind of a jack-of-all-trades, All Road style bike.

Refreshed Roubaix? The new roubaix are on the website and they were not there yesterday.