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Hi All,

Is anyone familiar with the following website ( Based in Spain I think.

I came across the site recently as they appear to sell Specialized bikes/equipment (internationally). I’m planning a TT/tri bike build at the moment and the Shiv Disc is a potential frame set on my list. The Shiv frame set is very expensive; but this site (if legit) appears to be selling the frame set for upwards of €1000 less than anywhere else I’ve found ( Does anyone have experience with this site? Is it legit?


Street view shows an actual bike shop with a huge specialized logo on the side of their building. Ild be reasonably happy with that though ild also dig into trustpilot reviews to double check they are decent to deal with.

Did you go ahead with your purchase from them?

I’m looking at a Roubaix myself just now, and since bike shops still aren’t doing bike fits, any benefit from visiting a store is out the equation. They have the Expert di2 version almost £1,000 cheaper than anywhere else, and in stock in my size…
I’m also conscious now that if I wait until next year, post-Brexit, there’d be duty and VAT and associated handler charges to pay on top of this.

That’s a massive difference, if it was local I’d chance it but in a different country the thought that it’s just too good to be true springs to mind.

I did! This week I took delivery of the Shiv Disc frame set. Have no hesitation in recommending this site.

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Seems they’re legit - I copped out of it in the end as I bought from Sigma, who were offering NHS discount at the time, so got 10% off anyway.
But when I’d mentioned the site to a friend he ended up buying a MTB off them, and it was all fully legit, he’s had it checked over etc. Arrived just in time too, 3 weeks before Brexit and the extra costs, he basically saved about £700. Its a real shame now - seems them being cheaper is now offset by the extra import cost…