🚨🚨Specialized issues recall / Stop Ride notice on Tarmac SL7 🚨🚨

Does the stop ride notice apply just to outdoors riding? Would it be safe to put on a direct drive trainer?

Yes….unless you plan on having a sudden impact in the pain cave. :wink:

But you should get it replaced ASAP regardless. Sounds like Specilized dealers will be well-prepared to turn bikes around quickly.


I had my steerer tube cut during a fit session back in July. I can only assume if there was noticeable damage to the steerer tube the mech that hacked it would have noticed. Regardless I’m going to make sure they check it again!

Good to have the work done for peace of mind regardless of application and also for resale, if and when the time comes.

I wouldn’t assume that. Why would the mechanic expect any damage?


Hambini and Peak Torque are going to have fun with this hahaha…


That’s unfortunately not how carbon failure works, and unless your mechanic was x-raying the steerer you wont know.


Tried calling Specialized but as they say “all lines are full” and while waiting they dropped the call. So I filled out the online form and they said:

“Yeah Mike’s Bikes is still authorized to perform warranty and service work for the next year.”

called Mike’s Bikes and they confirmed that Specialized changed their minds on warranty/service (was suppose to end this month / October if I’m not mistaken).


I think Specialized realized how bad they looked in this whole situation. It’s one thing to end a business relationship with Mike’s Bikes after they were sold to a competitor, and it is another to do that in a way that seems to punitively affect Specialized’s customers who purchased through Mike’s Bikes.
They were essentially trying to use their leverage on warranty and pre-orders to force people to immediately change shops - not a good look nor treating their customers well.


Dropped my SL7 into the shop this morning. They already had the required parts and it should be ready for pick-up by the weekend :crossed_fingers:

There’s two parts involved in the recall: the expander plug and a two-piece compression ring. Apparently all SL7s should get the new (longer) expander plug installed but the shop owner told me that most bikes they’ve sold had already come with newer compression ring so they don’t expect to be installing many of those - in fact, Specialized had only sent them 3 of those :astonished:

They’ll obviously also do a visual inspection of the steerer but the bike is only 6 weeks old so hopefully its all OK.


Good news!


Mine has a March 2021 manufacturing date. In and out of the bike shop in 15min. Just long enough to try on a Mille GT Spring/Fall jacket and check out the Roval wheels.

Just long enough to try on a Mille GT Spring/Fall jacket and check out the Roval wheels.

Nice! Sounds like if it took any longer it might have been an expensive visit to the shop :wink:


Thankfully the jacket was the wrong color, and they didn’t have the Rapide wheelset!


Just dropped off mine at my Specialized dealer. There were 2 in line ahead of me. I have an out of town race next weekend so hoping to get it back soon.

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From the article on Cycling Tips…

In the US alone the recall impacts some 6,900 bikes,

I know in the past that I have said that most people would be surprised by how few high-end bikes are actually sold, but this number surprised even me. Now, the current industry supply chain woes undoubtedly have kept numbers down, but wow…6,900 bikes, across 7 models (not including framesets or “special” models). Based on some basic understanding of how those numbers adjust as you move up the price continuum, we are probably only talking about only a few hundred of the upper end models.

The recall notice here:

Includes this link to a spreadsheet with a list of bikes:


And that list includes framesets and what appear to be special editions (e.g. Sagan speed of light)


thanks for that… please don’t include my omission of those models as an indication that they are not included in the recall. I was just using the base bike models to simply my point.

Special Editions and Framesets are absolutely included in the recall.

The weird thing is that around here, it seems that everyone with an S-Works, that I’ve met and chatted on a ride, bought a frame and would never be mistaken for a dentist. One guy on Wed night is from Italy and a cook, he has a Tarmac S-W 4, 5, and 6. After seeing my bike he was thinking of selling a couple (not Tarmac) bikes and buying an SL7.

yeah, it really illustrates how our personal experiences can influence our perceptions. Because we see what we think is “a lot” of something, we think the same must hold true everywhere.

But bias confirmation is definitely a real thing and the market size for high-end bikes is a lot smaller than most people realize.

Again, supply issues are definitely impacting their sales numbers, perhaps by as much 2x or more of what they could have sold (total guess here) but it is still not a huge number, especially when you spread that number over 8 models, plus framesets. For some models in some sizes, it wouldn’t surprise me if they brought in less than 5 units.