Specialized Evade II(SEII) owners: Is the SEII too hot for summer temps?

I NEED a new helmet way past due replacing my brain bucket. I will only purchase a Big Red S product as I want to support my LBS a mom and pop shop. So If I don’t go with the SEII it will be the Propero III…

I WANT the SEII but I like todo a lot of riding in the summer months ranging > 30-35C / 80-90F. The vision imprinted in my head was last year TdF and Team Bora H on a hot stage all changed from the SEII to a more ventilated helmet.
B4 I drop big cash for the SEII I wanted to hear opinions of SEII users and what is their take on the helmet in hot conditions.
NOTE: I am not interested in another brand helmet as I want to support LBS so I will go with the Big Red S regardless of the type of helmet.

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I think so, it’s a great helmet but the ventilation isn’t epic on it. I switch out to a Kask Valegro for my mountain trips or when the UK summer properly hits (i.e about 2 weeks of the year…)


Not for me. I live in the south and ride in the mid 90s and humid conditions. I like it.


I wore one most of last year and it wasn’t too bad. I’m in New England so it gets pretty hot/humid during the summer. If I had a choice, I probably would have gone for white thinking it would absord a bit less heat but my LBS only had black. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

I know there are many safe helmets out there, but the Evade probably saved Jeff Linder’s life after a huge crash. Check out the link.


What is considered “hot” for you?

I got an evade last year and it’s my only helmet so I wear it for all training and racing across road, gravel, and mtb. It’s not the coolest thing on slower situations like climbing or mtb but I’m not sure I ever found my self wanting to pull it off to cool down.

But I’m also in Michigan so while humid it’s not super hot. Avg in the mid 80s and maybe touch low 90s a couple times a summer.

As noted, too “hot” is kinda subjective…some of us tolerate heat better than others. But having ridden an Evade (both versions) for ~5 years, I can’t say as I ever really felt like it was the wrong helmet choice due to heat.

That said, after a crash last year, I replaced my Evade with a Kask Utopia helmet and the ventilation is definitely superior.

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I run hot and have a lot of hair on my head (and everywhere else). I use a Prevail and am very happy with it–have never felt like I got too hot because of it. I know you didn’t mention it, but it is a Specialized.


A lot depends on at what speed you will be riding at. Doing 20+mph? Probably not going to be too much of an issue.(hasn’t been for me) If you are frequently doing long mountain climbs in the summer months, then I would consider a helmet with better ventilation.

if you are willing to spend the cash on an Evade II, have you looked at the Prevail II?


I find it surprisingly breezy when you’re moving quickly, but it heats up rapidly when things get slow. I took mine on a climbing camp and regretted it when temps rose, but on a hot group ride or race it always feels fine. I got a prevail 2 that I use for really hot training days now when speed is not an issue.


One thing that makes a big difference is how the crown/halo sits on your head (the diameter adjustment). Any helmet can feel too hot if you aren’t letting a bit of air between your head and that strap. If all that foam seals off some of the airflow, you’ll feel it as there are a lot of blood vessels right there. A bit of texture on the fabric or a gap goes a long way here.
Another spot you don’t want full sealed is right under the front lip - foam-strap foam-head, you want some air to enter there.

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I think that is one of the biggest reason why the Kask Utopia feels so much cooler than my Evade…there is no sweat pad in the front of the helmet. There are two “fingers” of foam which come down from the top of the helmet, but no horizontal sweat pad. I was concerned at first that this would result in a deluge of sweat onto my face, but it is actually the opposite…the airflow helps evaporate the sweat, negating the need for a sweat pad.

Side note - I always thought the sweat pads in the Evade were pretty pad…filled up with sweat quickly and became useless (this was especially true on the original Evade).


I have been riding the Evade II since it was released. I am a heavy guy and get hot easy, here is my rule of thumb now with the helmet

Training rides;

80 and higher I wear my Prevail II


85 and higher I wear my Prevail II

I wear and race my Evade II in every other possible category.

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I know I’ll be in the minority here, but I was never impressed with the ventilation on the Prevail II…I actually felt like my Evade was just as good and my Kask is certainly better.

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I can understand/see that!

It has to do IMO with how quickly you move, the Evade is excellent in ramming air into the “shoot” and “chimney” and has great flow… at high speeds.

I find that on the hotter days I need the prevail for the “low” speeds when climbing and such, I also much prefer it when MTB riding.

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Somehow, it’s not too hot for me. In the south, Knoxville TN

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Okay thanks… Appreciate the response!

Thanks that gives me a good data point. As I’m a US Expat living in Spain hot but without the humidity of South.

Everything else being equal you’ll need less airflow in dry heat vs muggy heat.

Past that, as was mentioned it’s fairly personal. I’ve never felt that it was too hot; though I also only use it for road riding.

I did not know that, thanks. It makes sense and I will definitely take that advice! Thanks again for the response.

Thanks for the response. Good Rule of thumb!! Thanks.