Specialized Evade vs Oakley Aro5...(aero helmets in general)

Aero helmets…

I currently have then Oakley Aro5 which is the most comfortable helmet I have owned. Planning on getting a new bike this year, and thinking of replacing the Aro5 for the Evade.

My question is how many watts could be saved by swapping over the to the Evade? Or are the two helmets roughly the same give or take? Is there any research on all the aero helmets and how many watts could be saved with each?

I have both and, while I don’t have actual numbers to back it up, the Evade is almost certainly faster.

  1. I don’t know that Oakley ever tested their helmet. If they did, they never released any numbers. Specialized certainly did. (Yes, helmet numbers are individual)

  2. I can feel the wind “grab” the vents on top of my Aro5, especially on descents. That simply can’t be aero…

Some of the guys I ride with have figured out that if I show up with my Evade, I’m planning on tightening the screws on the ride.


Well you get the “cool” factor watts, probably at least 100 right there. Jokes aside, I’m looking to pick one up, also. Not only is it the best looking helmet out there in my opinion, it seems to be one of the fastest. The one thing I’m actually worried about though is venting during the summer. I get hot fast.

When I spent some time at the boardman Aero Tunnel, They said get a helmet that fits your head well, and if that is also an Evade, you’re onto a winner. It performed the best out of the array of helmets they had.

I like the Evade II, and got it for a decent price. I don’t notice much difference to my Prevail II, it might be marginally quieter.

Only issue I have is that when I took out the pads to gently wash them, they kinda got damaged and don’t stay in place all that well. I’m sure it’s possible to buy new padding somewhere online though.

I got a spare set of pads in the bag/box with my Evade. I assumed this was standard but maybe I got lucky?

I’ve had a difficult time differentiating my bontrager ballista from my P09 TT helmet on 2x10 min out and back TT splits on a flat rail trail. First tests only got 0.5W advantage for the TT helmet, second test around 6W. Didn’t test it against a normal road helmet, but the P09 is a widely respected TT helmet, so take that for what it’s worth. Data for first test is in another thread somewhere. Need to post the second round still.

Anyone notice the Evade seems to really hold sweat? As in it takes a concerted effort to get it dry to ride the next day.

It’s a nice helmet and I like it, just surprised how it behaves like a sponge.

I compared the Evade with the Kask Utopia side by side, and found the Kask much cooler, and still quite aero (subjectively). Couldn’t handle the heat load in the Evade, so got the Kask and really love it

I have an Evade 2 (Black) and it can definitely get warm if it is hot out (25 degrees Celsius out or above) but I think that is to be somewhat expected with any good aero helmet.

I think it is the lost comfortable helmet I have owned so I think it’s a worthwhile balance for the aero benefits, if it’s super hot I’ll usually wear my POC ventral unless it’s a race.

Anyone tried smiths aero helmet?

I was hoping for some insight on these as well. I have had two of Smith’s Overtake helmet over the years, and am looking for a new one. I could go with the Trace which is the newer version of the Overtake, or the Ignite which is more of an aero road style.