More frequent sickness?

So for the past 3 years I’ve had almost no sickness, apart from one bout of Covid, which I recovered from much quicker than my partner.

During the 3.5 months I’ve been doing trainerroad I’ve been sick twice. Both times me and my partner had the same thing (URTI) and both times it’s taken me longer to recover.

Anyone else had similar?
Prior to structured training I would do a 30 min v02 Max bike workout, an hour zone 2 and then a few hours of dh race runs on Saturday, all mixed with strength training twice a week.

No more social distancing, also observed people are much more relaxed with hygiene than they were during the last few years, coupled with people returning to workplace and school. I’ve noticed the same…


Good point above about the higher likelyhood of picking something up now.

However also higher intensity training surpresses the immune system a little. So if you’ve ramped up your training a lot, you are more likely to get ill of something you’d have otherwise fought off.


I’m concerned as to how the body’s immune system to those of us that didn’t get COVID will be impacted once we re-integrate post pandemic. Especially when it comes to hygiene as noted above. Wonder if any studies have started on this.

I discussed this once with friends: We concluded that it‘s hard to say if sickness gets more attention (everyone talks every bit of sore throat) or if we really are more sick.

I too observed that I was sick several times last year. Twice severely and for quite long (1 week +). But then I am not sure if it just caught more of my attention previous to Covid.

I’ve had a cold more times this year than I did for the whole of last year. I keep notes on the TR calendar. I generally dont often catch colds etc but this year has been a record for me already. I’ve been using TR since 2018 so its not that!

Daughter started nursery in Jan! Thats deffo part of it.

After the lockdowns, colds/virus’ that survived are stronger and our immune systems are weaker. (Thats how I see it anyway).