Coming back from head cold with AT

Currently on the 4th week of SSLV1 and came down with a cold on Wednesday. All symptoms are above the neck so I feel good to jump back into some endurance rides at some point this weekend. Unfortunately my kids all caught the bug too and sleep has been non existent the last 2 days. Resting HR is currently about 10bpm above baseline down from 15bpm above late Wednesday. Even garmin knows as my body battery was at a resounding 10 this morning.

With all that said if some quantity of sleep comes back to grace my household I’m hoping to start back up on Sunday with a 60min z2 ride. As far as the rest of the week is concerned AT has me with SS and threshold progressions at 6-6.3 up from 5.8 early this week. Do y’all think I should just do alternates and dial the work back to the mid 5s or drop even lower than that?

I’d dial back the first couple of workouts and see how it goes. I was in a similar position last week (only my second cold in ten years!) , did an SS 4.0 workout (Tray Mountain -2) then some outdoor rides at the weekend and picked things up this week.

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