Sonny Cobrelli in hospital following Volta a Catalunya sprint

He dropped out of Paris-Nice and skipped Milan-San Remo because of “bronchitis” and today collapsed after the finishing sprint of the first stage of Volta a Catalunya and was taken to the hospital. He’s now concious and is being further investigated. Hoping he’s going to get well soon, but this definitely is terrifying news.

With all the talk about sickness spreading in the pro peloton it’s gonna be interesting to see what UCI is going to do. Their Covid rules have become more and more lax over time.

Listening to that video clip from Twitter, they were mentioning that he was having cardiac compressions!

Hope he’s alright! :crossed_fingers:


Could someone who currently has bronchitis really finish second in a Pro race? Or is the implication that he came back too soon? Wonder if some meds he might have been taking for the sickness caused the collapse?

Hope he gets better soon.

Having watched this sport for over 30 years, I cannot think of a time where a “virus” has ripped through the peloton like this……weird how it is coinciding with a global pandemic of another highly contagious virus.

But sure…it isn’t COVID. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Did the UCI stop requiring riders to be tested for COVID? Seems like if that’s what he actually had they would have said so?

Going from wearing a mask to not wearing a mask seems like it would open your body up for all sorts of new infections (that you’ve avoided over the last two years) or do you think the riders and teams might be fudging it a bit in order to not quarantine?


Not totally, but they are basically burying their heads in the sand and trying to ignore what is going on.

See the below thread from Joe Lindsey, which documents the changes in their testing protocols. And no team is going to say it is COVID because of any feared backlash…so they are using terms like “sickness” and “bronchitis”


“No cause for concern” - I mean, other than his heart stopped. Oooof.

Glad this seems to be turning out far better than it could have.

Wonder if he got the clot shot and any boosters. Many athletes have been dropping like flies with heart issues due to the jab and the stress they put on their bodies. Another recent example: Telegram: Contact @worlddoctorsalliance



This is factually wrong and misleading.


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Man I think you just filled my entire internet conspiracy bingo card.


While I am sorry to hear about your FIL, that is one case…not data. There have certainly been cases of adverse reactions to the vaccine, but they are extremely rare and hardly constitute people or athletes “dropping like flies”. The benefits of the vaccine far exceed any risks.

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If we’re blaming drugs for a cardiac event in cycling, there’s a lot of other more credible and well evidenced drugs associated with heart problems that cyclists have been taking for a long time before COVID showed up… Not that I would go so far as to suggest that would have anything to do with Colbrelli, it sounds like he was off with bronchitis before this and plenty of other things could have caused it.

But cardiac events in pro cyclists have occurred from time to time. Michael Goolearts for one.
Colbrelli probably would have had a cardiac screening, as I think that was brought in after Goolearts died, but I think even then the demands of doing something like an all-out sprint could still bring out something undiagnosed.

Family of cyclist Alex Jones reveal the ‘devastation and ongoing pain’ a sudden cardiac death leaves | Cycling Weekly worth reading - and getting a screening if you can. Someone from my club died in a very similar way a couple of years back.


I got screened on Friday…while my hard plague score was 0, I was also diagnosed with an aneurysm. Waiting to hear back from my doc on what, if any treatment, I undergo. Radiologist who read the screening said no follow-up was needed.

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I know those “weird” cardiac issues surface from time to time - Viviani comes to mind, and another cyclist I’ve since forgotten who also had time off in the last couple of years for a heart procedure/maybe the same ablation as Viviani. Seems like those were noticed with arryth/tach before a full-out arrest.

Still. Good grief. How scary.

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


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