Matching Power from Assioma Pedals to Kickr Core

So I’ve recently upgraded two things. My Assioma pedals from UNO to DUO, and my Kickr Snap to a Kickr Core. I recently noticed from my garmin watch (which is only connected to my pedals) the power readings during a workout were not the same as in TR app, which has both Pedals and Kickr connected.

Couple of things…I don’t really care so much which is more accurate, I just want them to be consistent…and since I use pedals on all my rides outside, I’d like TR to use that as my baseline.

Originally I’ve always Ramp tested with Pedals and SNAP. I thought I was using pedals as power and trainer as resistence…but how can I confirm this?

How do I check that TR is using power from pedals only…not trainer? I’ll re-test if needed…thanks!

Open any workout on the web, scroll toward the bottom and it will show which device was used for the power data.

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ok, good to know… It does show Assioma was my power source…so that’s good…now I need to find out why I was seeing a 10-20 watt difference on my watch (Garmin Fenix 5x) and TR. As I would pedal super smooth for 10-15 seconds and see no difference on either side…they were 10-20 watts difference…hmmm…

Thoughts? Again I guess it’s not a huge thing as long as my TR workouts and my headunit show the same numbers (which I need to check, will do tonight).

Per my other post, you can see this sis quite common via the many other threads on this issue.

Your best bet is to do what you are doing by using TRs PowerMatch feature, so you are using the same power data inside and out (via your power meter).

Question, if anyone knows… does TR take into account bot pedals power…meaning if I have a difference, say 55/45 LR will that be reflected in TR? It’s just weird that TR/GARMIN/WAHOO headunit, don’t all match if they are all getting the same data. (I know update speed and averaging might be slightly different) but if the power from my pedals is all any of these are getting why would they be 10-15 watts different, consistently… And yes currently my LR balance is about that typically… So that could be 2.5% to 5% off?

This is handled with the favero app. For TR and most any useful configuration you should have it set up as “single channel” which will combine L and R together onto one Bluetooth channel.

Your head unit should be using ANT+, which already does that.

10W can also be the difference of crank lengths.

For TR and BT apps like zwift, etc. the crank length is set in the Favero app.

For headunits like Garmin you have to configure the power meter in the head unit. So go to sensors, select the Assioma DUO and then set the crank length.

The head unit overrides the app setting.