From smart trainer to power meter


I’ve been using trainerroad one and off for a while. This year is the first time that I actually get stuck in and really enjoy it.
I’ve got a bkool pro smart trainer, which has been very good to me so far.
I had no power meter, and i just received a pair of assioma duo.
I’m due a ramp test in a couple of weeks.

Is there any point me installing and using the assiomas, that wouldn’t completely skew my training?
Is there a way to get a power match, but use the target power from the smart trainer?
Or, should I just wait until I’m due for my ramp test?

thanks for your kind advice

Install them whenever but use the trainer power until your next test. Then test with them during your next ramp test and go from there, use Powermatch and go from there.

Until that test, you can get a ball park offset by looking at trainer power vs pedal power for a few workouts, but that can vary based on your effort level and won’t be accurate enough to train from.


Don’t mean to hijack the thread but I have a related question. I have Kickr snap which I have been using for past 3 years. I am also planning on getting some assiomas and will use powermatch goign forward. Will do a new ramp test before I train with them though. But question is with powermatch. If TR interval runs off pedal power can it or does it account for driveline losses or tyre slip or pressure variations.
So if interval wants say 250 watts and that is measured at the pedals how does it work with the snap to take the above variables into account or I am overthinking this?

I think tyre slip is always going to be a challenge.
The other 2, driveline losses and pressure variation, will be taken care of by the power match from what I understand:
TR receives the power from both sources, and adapts the resistance based on the input from the pedals, which is then offset to match the results from the trainer.
The power you will see on the screen is the one from the pedals.