Personal Records graph confusion

Did a search and couldn’t find anything related, but I’ve always been a little confused as to how/why the PR graph looks how it does.

So say in the drop downs I select my “current training” season to compare to my “all time” season. There’s two graph lines as expected, but only where my PR from “current training” isn’t greater than my “all time”. It goes down to one graph line and shows the date/ride name/power twice when you select on the timeline.

Is it not possible to see the previous PR when using the graph?

Hope this makes sense…

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If both “Seasons” go up to present day, then the latest PR will be your personal best for both the current season, and for all time.

If you want to see where they separate, you’ll need to make a season that ends in the past such that your latest PRs don’t show up on the previous season. A common approach is to set each season as a 12 month period from the start of the season until the start of the folowing season. For some, this may run from Oct-Sept, but this will depend on how your season is structured :+1:.

Let me know if you are able to get that to work :slight_smile:

Ok, that makes sense. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

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