Some chinese company trying to sell IQ2 power meters for $25

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This has to be a scam.


ok so who’s gonna be the test dummy?

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Edited - quick google and its all a Scam

Well I won’t say im a dummy,
but i said why not… 25$ thats like 3 Starbucks
kind of want to test them out.
Its backed by PayPal. I have 180 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the Resolution Center. Just like Ebay, they refund you the money if the seller doesn’t hold up to their end of the bargain.
I will let you know…

Rob, I read the same comments on FB, but I tried to fact check and couldn’t find anything definitive.

The dice are rolled…:wink:


No googling here, but I remember DCRainmaker following IQ2 development. His latest IQ2 article stated that they were changing their strategy and planning to make a pedal-based power meter. So it looks like someone is trying to dump the previous devices that they were unable to get to work consistently.


I think you’re onto something. Companies often dump inventory and otherwise crappy failed products into the Chinese market as discounted items - often sometimes re-branded. Someday there’s some funny stories to be had here to tell. Maybe in a decade or two.

In the meantime, this is almost worth $25 for fun.


IQ2 sent out an email disclaiming this as a scam, its on their IG too.

Ok, I’m game. $25 for science. Ordered (using PayPal).

What’s the over/under on this being dumped inventory?


If you are lucky you might get it in 3 months, if at all. They will ship it in about 3 weeks on a literal slow boat from China…

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Just check whether your Paypal is linked to your account or to your card. It can make a significant difference as to how long it takes to get the money back in your account. Good luck!

Looks like the shop has been shut down.

Has anyone who ordered it, received it?

You guys really shouldn’t feed the Trolls…Annotation

“Our original product has NOT yet been shipped and we will tell you when it is about to. No changes since our penultimate update. The iQsquare web shop is the only place where you can pre-order the iQsquare pedal power meter.”

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Ordered it just to see what happens. It’s via PayPal so if I don’t get anything or its garbage I’ll get the $$ back. We’ll see.

I ordered on 11/11 but PayPal just credited my account so I guess its a no-go.

A couple days ago the seller emailed me asking for my address in Chinese (I live in Taiwan) so they can send it. Today though PayPal credited the $$ back to my account so I guess its over or something. Not sure what they got out of the whole thing…

Hmm, sounds like they might have been dumping product in China alright, and that it was never meant to be offered outside of that country. It would be interesting to see what anyone on TR in China receives.

It is a Chinese scam. They will send you a non functioning caidance sensor in padded envelope from China. You make a claim with Paypal to get $$ back. Paypal will tell you to send it back to china with tracking number, which cost $41. You get back in reality $7,

Did you have to send it back? Paypal makes me to send it back to china with tracking. which cost $41