Another Kickstarter Power Pedal

Sorry boys, IQ^2 ruined the party for you. Given they couldn’t accomplish what you say you are going to with some 30x the backing (nefarious intentions not withstanding) anyone who has heard of them is unlikely to go anywhere near this. I cringed when I got to their value proposition which is near identical to IQ^2’s

Unfortunate for them. With every pedal body covered now, I’m not sure why anyone would go for an unknown kickstarter project rather than what’s proven and available for the most part.


Three tips for anyone wanting a cheap, untested, unproven, unknown, unanything power meter:

  1. Don’t do it.

  2. Don’t.

  3. SEE POINTS 1 and 2.


With the level of funding they are asking for 80K Euros, I can’t see how they will have enough to prototype let alone start volume production. They want to have a campaign now and start shipping in Q4 :joy::crazy_face:

This project has been fully funded. 138 backers and a few hours left before it closes. That was a close call, no doubt due to the legacy left by IQ2.

They have a really good opportunity to prove themselves now they’re funded.

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I hope they manage to get a working product out on the market, another pedal based powermeter would be good for the consumers.

That said, after being burned by IQ2 i’m not backing anything like that in the foreseeable future :frowning:

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