Hilltopup too good to be true?

It’s too good to be true, right? I mean a $25 power meter can’t be any good, can it?

Uh yeah. There is also a listing for garmin power meter pedals for 29$ so it’s gotta be some kind of scam.


These folks have damn good copywriting for scammers.

I think that’s the early version of the IQ2 which still hasn’t been launched. IQ2 seems like a bit of a con but the linked to $25 is a definite con/scam.

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The garmin rally page sounds kind of “off”… "Rally XC200 is tested to the extreme, so you can ride there too. "

That’s likely because they stole it from somewhere. I’m not clicking the link because it’s likely that they are trying to hack your computer just by visiting the site, in addition to steal your credit card info if you give it to them.

You know that saying about a fool and his/her money …

The photos of the circuit boards actually say “iq square” on them. it’s a scam from which you well never receive a product.


From what I’ve heard of similar scams you do get a product, a cadence meter :open_mouth: