Solution I've discovered to address Virtual Power Lag

Hello. I’m a new TR user. Currently, I’m using a dumb trainer with a Wahoo RPM speed sensor attached to it. Just like everyone else who has the same setup like mine, I also do experience delay or lag. I thought of connecting the sensor towards my laptop via bluetooth, and ANT+ towards the Wahoo app on my phone. To me, it worked. Checking my current speed is much more responsive and on point compared to VP. It prevented me from over accelerating due to the lag I’m getting from Virtual Power. Although, settling myself at the speed for that target power, the VP readings responds fairly slow. Thoughts regarding my current setup? Am I doing anything wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong, and that’s a nice workaround to make sure you’re not spinning up too quickly! I’d recommend trying to pair the speed sensor via ANT+ to TrainerRoad to see if you can minimize some of the VP lag.

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