Power lag from Wahoo Device

Hey everyone.

I am using a Kurt Kinetic (dumb trainer) with a Wahoo RPM speed and cadence sensor along with the iOS app on my phone.

Unfortunately, there is about a 12-18 sec delay going from a low power reading (e.g. 130W) to a high power reading (e.g. 270W). As you can see by the photo Wahoo%20lag there is a lag half way through each of the 30/30 intervals.

I have talked to both TR and Wahoo and they aren’t seeing any issues.

I have tried turning off my wireless router as possible cause but the same result. The only thing left is changing batteries I guess.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

VP is tied directly to the wheel speed.

Can you use a head unit to watch the wheel speed at the same time as running the workout?

I’d be curious to hear if the speed shown on the head unit is similarly slow to respond.

Effectively test to see if it is an issue from the wheel sensor or the reading device (head unit vs your phone/TR).


It is one of the most common issues that we all more or less while using the Wahoo device. Sometimes, you may also suffer from the Internet issue too. In such a case, I will suggest you reset the router following the tips from how to reset linksys router and I ensure that it will really help you a lot in this regarding.

I’ve used different speed sensors with virtual power as well. Bluetooth gives me this lag, while ANT+ updates so fast that I have to use 3-5 seconds power smoothing.

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The internet will not affect sensor responsiveness in this case because all of our workouts can be performed with no internet connection whatsoever. All workouts are saved to the hard-drive and the internet only comes into play when you need to upload the completed workout.

As Hugo mentioned, ANT+ can be a better option for Virtual Power since the update rate is much higher than Bluetooth. Since you are pairing to your phone, pairing via ANT+ can be a bit of a hassle though. If you have a Laptop you could train with, USB ANT+ adapters are very afordable and would allow you to speed up your sensor response for as low as $15.

I also have the same issue. What I did is, I connected the sensor to my laptop via bluetooth and ANT+ towards my phone (though I connected the sensor to the Wahoo app for me to see my current speed). I find monitoring my current speed much better. It really is more responsive. I can now avoid producing too much or less effort due to the lag of VP.

Only just seen this thread… I’m using the Wahoo RPM bluetooth speed sensor as well. I’ve found there’s lag, but not to the same extent as you (I’d say max lag of about 5 secs going from low to high power).

When a high power interval is approaching I tend to start settling in to my required gearing/cadence about 10 secs before it starts.

The lag is the main reason I put in a feature request for the app displaying the exact target power of the next interval… so you’re able to get gearing/cadence set quickly for the interval.