Wahoo Cadence Sensor Lag/Delay or Smoothing? Adjustable?

A few months ago I decided to go all bluetooth for my setup and installed Wahoo cadence sensor to go with my existing Tickr and Kickr Snap. Everything connects just fine, but is seems like the cadence reading in TR is delayed by 4 or 5 seconds. TR shows 0 cadence for 4 or 5 seconds after I start pedaling and it takes about the same amount of time to go back to 0 once I stop pedaling.

Not sure if it’s a smoothing function, like with power, or if there is anyway to adjust the delay/lag.

Anybody else experience this? Is there a way to adjust it, like adjusting the duration of power smoothing (1 sec, 5 sec, etc)?

Yeah, same (with the speed sensor)…

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I use the Wahoo Cadence on my trainer (Tacx Flux S). The trainer has a cadence output, which I assume uses a motion sensor - but it’s really not reliable. Hence the Wahoo ( which is also bilingual ANT+/BLE). I use it with ANT+, and do not see any remarkable delays. Cadence is always a bit slow, it tends to be a nasty signal that needs quite a bit of filtering whether measured with a magnet or accelerometer, but I don’t see any peculiar issue with the Cadence + ANT+ + TR combo.

I don’t think there’s any smoothing adjustment available, unless there’s something in the Wahoo app, which I never installed.