This is SO annoying... Virtual Power: can it be fixed?


There is about a 5-7 second lag from when I put on the power for an interval and when the power jumps. I’m using a wahoo speed/cadence with a dumb trainer on virtual power, ipad mini.

The delay you see is because VP relies on wheel speed increases to indicate power change. What you are fighting is the flywheel inertia that resists speed changes.

You can make the change yourself by simple accelerating sooner, maybe 3-5 seconds before the actually interval. The delay will be largely consistent, can be seen and diagnosed live. So, pay attention to the delay in the first interval and hit the gas a bit early before the official interval start.

That is what I usually do, but it gets tough on something like Gendarme, to accelerate 5 seconds early 50! times over the course of the workout. A smart trainer is on my list this year…

When that’s the case, just do what you can do. The slight “loss” you have is really not worth worrying about at all. You are nearly nailing the workout and that small percentage of miss will NOT be a problem in any way.

Either way (adjusting or not), be happy with the workout and know you are getting the stress that should lead to the desired adaptations.

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exactly my perspective but I thought I would ask if there was any tweak I could make to my setup.

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Is your speed/cadence the wheel mounted one, or frame mounted one with a magnet?

I was noticing the exact same symptoms while running TR on my Macbook Pro. When I would run TR on my Android phone it felt really snappy by comparison. After working with tech support on the issue, I switched to running my Kurt inRide over ANT+ and it is just as responsive as my phone. Not sure if your trainer supports ANT+, but worth a try if it does.

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Learnt this just last month. ANT+ is much quicker than Bluetooth.

I had the same problem. ANT+ was my fix.
TR support had me try the legacy app w/ bluetooth dongle, lag was greatly reduced.

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