Really bad lag today in the UK

First this has happened in two years with Trainerroad, wondering if its my smart trainer on the way out or problem trainerroad side, everything else internet connected is fine and nothing changed in my set up.

Not noticed anything myself

Maybe check in with support?

When is the lag? The workouts themselves do not depend on an internet connection and can be run offline - so wont be effected by your network (unless using wahoo direct connect?) or trainerroads system.

Cheers mate, will give support a shout, started out ok but was asking for 190 watts but pedalled hard and was only at 160 that was at 110 rpm, the graph that shows your actuall watts is out compared to the workout, a peak of the workout 190 watts shows me peak at 190 watts but 2 mins after it was supposed to happen if you know what i mean.

Mine was fine just now. Quick response on short intervals, which usually tests the turbo.

This sounds more like a trainer communication issue to me - hopefully support will be able to troubleshoot for you.

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I have that issue once in a while - mostly after stopping in the middle of a workout to go grab a bottle or something else I forgot. It’s trainer-related: I cycle the power to the trainer, and it all comes back to normal. The poor thing is powered up all the time, I don’t think Tacx did a good auto-shutdown that resets the firmware when you wake it up for a new workout.

But it certainly has nothing to do with your geo location nor internet connection, the workout player works offline and does not require network connection to operate.