Solution for Hand Blisters

This is for @Jonathan since he talked about it on the latest podcast, but figured everyone might be able to use it.

Wrapping your hands in Kinesiotape and then putting them in your gloves effectively eliminates blisters on endurance rides and/or stage races. I’ve used this on the Colorado Trail a number of times, which is absolutely brutal on your hands and takes 90+ hours straight, as well as the Arizona Trail and 24hop and a number of other 12hr mtb races/rides. Never had a hand blister, even if most of my riding is on the road leading up to those events.

I cut the tape into 10 inch lengths or so, then lay one wrap on my palm, one wrap on the pads of my hand below my fingers and then one wrap around my thumb (since the inside will get raw from contacting the bar and always sliding around from shifting). It’s kind of flexible so you can pull it snug, but not too much to effect circulation. Then the wraps overlap on the back of the hand so the tape sticks to itself as well. Can take pictures if it’s too confusing, but it shouldn’t be.

It’s thin enough that it doesn’t effect the feel of the bars or what size gloves you need and in my experience it stays put even with sweat or wet hands.

You can also use leukotape. It’s a little thicker and less flexible but works just as well or maybe better. I’m allergic to the latex in it though, so can’t use it.

This method also works on your feet if you get blisters on your heels or ball of your foot or wherever. It’s simply creating another layer of skin where the friction/rubbing takes place.