Holes in my thumbs! (Graphic images?)

Posting this because it’s super weird and I was interested if it’s happening to anyone else.

Images are of the inside of my thumbs after a single 1 hour cyclocross race. I’ve raced plenty and usually wear gloves, but it was a sweltering hot pre-season race at the weekend and I decided to ride without gloves…don’t think I’ll do this again.

Is this in any way normal? What the heck am I doing wrong?

Looks like little raw spots from your thumbs rubbing on something? Were your hands in one position for a lot of the time?

You’ve been riding on the hoods haven’t you!


Just looks like you’ve gotten a blister and ripped it off


Oh yeah I’ve been riding the hoods the whole race basically. I’ve never had anything like this before though!

I had a blister on the inside of my palm last week after riding at a trail centre on the cx bike (bad idea), I’m starting to wonder if I’ve subconsciously repositioned my hands to avoid putting much weight on my palms.

There was no blistering as far as I was aware. I think I’ve just rubbed right through the top layers of skin :grimacing:

I saw a lad do exactly the same during a one off summer CX race.
If you kept doing it then your skin would get harder over time but it’s probably not worth it :grimacing:
I’d guess it’s from the small vibrations while your hands are loose on the hoods over the hour. To be expected really

Looks like you’ve been golfing. I’ve never seen blisters like that from a bike, but no doubt they were blisters that you popped and opened up all in the same activity.

Can you post your hood position? Likely the shifters are rotated too far forward and/or too narrow

Quick picture, I thought hood position looked ok, pretty level. I’ve had a fit on this bike and hood position / bar width was considered as part of this.

For cross rotate those up more. You’re rubbing holes from overgripping near the where the hood ends on the inside from the crease that forms on your thumb near the webbing. If you rorate the hoods up a bit more the reservoir portion will be more vertical and have more area to leverage against with the palm of your hand.
For RS685s, you want them something like this:

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Hmm…Interesting, I never considered that. I’ll think about trying it out, thanks.

Yeah I get those, sometimes. At some point the skin just gets used to it. For me its when there’s steep, rough/rocky descents, where my hands lean on the brake hoods too much. Nothing to worry about imo, if it bothers you try putting sports tape over the area before the race.