Sodium. How much do you take per hour?

I typically ingest about 1000 mg per hour. I am a very heavy sweater. Nothing I can really do about it. I typically drink about 750 ml water per hour of water. My weight is usually identical before and after ride if I drink this much. I was reading that heavy sweaters may need to consume up to 2000 mg sodium per hour. That sounds crazy to me. I don’t cramp often, but when I do some salt usually cures it within ten minutes of taking extra salt so I’m thinking I should ingest more. Since it’s harder to control the amount by eating salty foods, I’m thinking to try salt pills on top of the 900 mg I put into my bottles.

Check out these guys

There is a test for how much water you lose and a seperate one for how much salt.

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Thanks! I did the survey/test and it looks like I have indeed been at about a 600mg per hour sodium deficit. I’m going to try the PH1500, preloading and putting one in each bottle (along with maltodextrin). It also looks like a less expensive solution to my current powder.

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