So you're cramping, now what?

I just had some of the worst double leg and calf cramps of my life while laying on the couch after a ride.

What do you do during a cramp? I eventually got up and hobbled to the fridge and chugged some pickle juice.

Do you move even though it feels like you’re getting stabbed? Do you punch the muscle that’s cramping up? Do you just sit and cry? What works for you?

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Oh man. Last week had a left leg cramp that hit multiple muscles in my left leg in the middle of the night. I couldn’t get out of bed and more movement seemed to cause more cramping. I just sat there and tried to take deep breaths and massage the muscles until the cramping passed. Felt like 30 minutes.

I thought I was well hydrated post ride. Sometimes it just seems to happen for no reason.

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I like to think of myself as a “tough guy” (used to be a bodyguard and bouncer) but darn, these had me whimpering on the couch, reaching for my phone to talk to my partner just to get through it. Alone in the apartment I had more than one “so this is how it ends” moment. LOL

We all cramp, one of us must have a secret remedy or old wives tale that works during a cramp!

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If you can’t stretch the affected muscles eg because opposing muscles are cramping at the same time, grab it or massage it until it releases.
It can be unbelievably painful and I have been left sore for up to a week later from a really bad episode.
Have even fallen off my bike from full leg cramps affecting both legs (hamstrings and quads) during a race. Couldn’t pedal, couldn’t get off the bike so landed in a ditch and some motorists stopped to help me, lol


Precision hydration was life changing for me. Not cramped since they tested me and started using their product

The concentration of sodium in my sweat was at the very high end of the scale

The podcast has also touched on it a few times. Had the precision hydration ceo on once or twice.


Sit, cry, and remind myself to work within myself and build to big efforts rather than shocking my body into cramping with extraordinary efforts. :+1:

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Jump up, cry a bit, massage/poke my hamstring area until it’s gone. Repeat as required.


What about electrolytes (magnesium/potassium especially)? A lot of times people will actually over do it with post workout hydration which floods the system and flushes electrolytes. The key is to slowly and steadily rehydrate as well as make sure you also take in electrolytes. As mentioned by others, PH and Skratch are fantastic products. They are expensive though so I usually go with SIS.

If this helped then I would log your post-exercise hydration habits and consider if the above applies to you. That being said some are just more prone to cramping. I used to be the same way (middle of the night, typically right calf). Damn painful and always out of nowhere. It’s been a long time since it’s happened though and the only potential cause I can identify is dietary changes (more healthy fats, less refined sugars, more salts and other electrolytes).

I usually hydrate using Nuun (if I want something low sugar) or Skratch Labs. I’ll take another look if I need more electrolytes post ride.