So how much do you drink? (>1L/hr?)

Chad made it sound like Nate was odd for drinking a liter an hour. I go through three tall bottles in an hour, and that’s while it is <60 F. One bottle has all my calories, and the other two are just water.

So, let’s hear from y’all. Is Chad the outlier, or are Nate and I outliers?

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I think 750mL to 1L are common and good targets. 2L is a lot, but if it works for your stomach more power to you!

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Just curious, what is your indoor cooling like? How big are you? Do you drink at the same rate outside?

I’m 178cm / 67kg and indoors am probably drinking around 400mL / hour during up to 4 hour endurance rides, maybe 600mL / hour for higher intensity interval sessions. I usually have to pee once or twice during the endurance rides, if I drink more I end up having to stop. I have a monster fan and sweat rarely hits the floor.

My drink rate outside obviously varies with temperature, but I do notice I drink less than my pre-pandemic riding buds. I’m also a bit smaller than them, which I suspect might be related. Easier to cool smaller bodies.

I usually do 1-1.2L/hr in hotter conditions. Haven’t played with doing more yet because I don’t often ride in >80 deg F temps.

More like 0.7-0.8L/hr in cooler conditions.

Zefal Magnum Bottles (32oz) are awesome by the way. (no affiliation)

i go through a 750ml bottle in about 2hrs

thats with calories in it

i live in a hot humid climate, but ride early mornings, finished by 8:30-9:00am even on a long ride

on the trainer id go through a bit more

I have three fans: one lame, one okay, and one full blower. I run them all. I’m 72kg/177cm. I do not drink at the same rate outside, but I think that’s because in these COVID times, I don’t have easy access to liquid mid-ride. I easily went through 1.3L on a three hour ride, wishing I had some more, and it wasn’t that hot.

Clearly, I am the oddball. @Nate_Pearson I guess it’s just you and me as the super-sweaters.

On the trainer depending upon the intensity I’ll get through a 750ml bottle in an hour. Outside though I ll only get through half of that on a hard ride.

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Depends on length, intensity, and temperature. Indoors, if it is less than 1hr I may only half 250-500mL. 1-1.5hrs I will aim for 750mL. Anything over 1.5hr and I aim for 750mL/hr. For 2hr+ rides, first two bottles are carb drinks (60g/bottle), next is electrolyte, then plain water (longest indoor ride has been just over 3.5hr).

My measures sweat loss rate is around 1.25L/hr, once I get into high endurance or harder, so I should be drinking more. But if I do drink more, I end up having to pee too often, and then it breaks up my rhythm.

I was actually thinking about this the other day as I was doing a longer SS workout. 3x25 @90% that was around 1:45 total time on bike. I went through a 500mL w/ calories, a 750mL w/ calories, and 2.5 750mL water bottles. So around 3L for 1:45 ride. I think I tend to drink more indoors. For shorter 1hr workouts, I usually get through 2 750mLs and a 500mL with calories.

Outdoor rides, perhaps limited by what I can carry, is usually 2 750mL in the cages and a 500mL in the jersey pocket, and will get me through 2-2:30hr rides. Anything longer I usually swing by the car to pick up more bottles. I am a very heavy sweater, very salty.

For a one hour session I will have one 600ml bottle with 60gm carbs and half teaspoon of electrolytes and another 600ml bottle with plain water.

For a 1.5 hour session I will have same as above an extra 600ml bottle of plain water on top.

I will take one swig from the carb bottle and one swig from the plain water bottle. I find that having the extra swig of plain water helps me alot with the carb uptake. Purely anecdotal and for all I know this is just placebo.

I do almost the exact same. Two 600ml bottles for an hour workout, one of them with 2 scoops of mix in it. I also eat some solid food, like some fig newtons, but that’s not the prompt.

Anything longer than an hour I grab another bottle with a scoop of mix it.

Outside is another story. I’m actually really trying to up my water intake outside.

I’m in the Nate camp too. I have 1L to 1.2L of hydration mix drink per hour on the trainer, plus a bar or PB&J or gummies for carbs to get up to about 80-90g/hr for an intense workout. My weight is steady and my recovery rate seems good. Outside is a different story though, probably more like 750mL an hour and it is harder to get in the carbs.

I think 750mL to 1L are common and good targets

approximate about 650ml.

Since Garmin can calculate the expected sweat loss, I always compare these values ​​after my rides with what I’ve actually drunk.

Most of them agree pretty well, often only a minimal difference (50ml or so), now I’ve found a good mediocrity, when I do new workouts, I see what I’ve had in similar workouts.
If it gets very tight, I still have 500ml of water where I can quickly throw in an electrolyte tab!

EDITH: most workouts under 1 hour i need only up to 500ml Electrolyte, but have a super cool Cooling indoor

I can put away about 5 pints in that time if the match is on,

oh you didn’t mean lager?


I’ll chug down 1,5l of fluid every hour inside. Half water half carb drink.

Have one massive industrial fan, 190cm tall and 75kg of weight. Even during longer 3h sessions when I drink several liters of water I do not need bathroom breaks. I seem to auto regulate water and sweat fairly well.

I also drink quite a lot outside, however not as much as inside.

Up to 500ml/h - I use beta fuel so that’s also 80g carbs per bottle.

Depends hugely on temperature and intensity. I’ve done hard rides in >30C temperatures where I’ve got through 6 x 750ml bottles in 3 hours which was as much as I could handle without stomach sloshing and it’s been nowhere near enough (I.e. It takes several litres of drinking afterwards before I eventually need a pee). And I’ve done 3 hour endurance rides in low single digit temperatures where I’ve drunk less than half a bottle and still needed to stop to pee a couple of times just from the diuretic effect of a pre-ride espresso.

I drink a large bottle about every 45 minutes whether indoors or out. I just drink when thirsty or hungry (since I do the malto/fructose magic juice). I live where it’s very hot and humid. We try to leave at dawn.