So how much do you drink? (>1L/hr?)

1 bottle per hour does the trick!

250 to 500 ML.

1 bottle per hour. Usually I don’t even think about it, it just happens.

I’m in the 700mL to 1L per hour camp. 700mL bottle with ~90g carbs per hour and then sipping on water if needed. Hotter weather I will dial back the calories (not the sodium) in my bottle and aim for a bit more fluid intake but I can’t really do much more than 1.2L/hr

How do you big drinkers carry all that water with you outside? Extra water bottle bosses? Or do you stop at a gas station or water fountain to fill up once or twice? Just curious about the logistics.

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For road, I carry two large bottles and stop at convenience stores to refill. I usually have to use the bathroom so buying a big bottle of water is payback. For mtb - camelback. For gravel - 3 bottles and a camelback if I need more than that.

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Indeed they are!!


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Outdoors, typically 1L per hour on a hard ride. Less on an easy ride unless it’s hot.

My drinking varies. When I am on the trainer, I tend to drink more than normal (for me). I drink mostly ice tea on the trainer, and I think I drink more just because I have easy access to a cold drink I enjoy (I don’t use any nutrition). I don’t have a lot of cooling, but I am pretty well adjusted to hot weather riding (southern California).

On real hot days, I will easily drop two bottles in an hour (120 F/50 C). On the other hand I did a 3 hour wet trail run a couple months ago and drank nothing.