Another "How Does My Endurance Drink Mix Look" Thread

I have downloaded the RP Endurance guide @Dr_Alex_Harrison and read the many threads on custom drink mixes. I’m hoping someone can check my mixes to make sure my calculations are right. I am planning a 150 mile ride up the California coast and I have been training with different drink mixes. My FTP is about 276 and I weigh 205. Based on everything I read this mix seemed to be what I should use. Or close.

I wasn’t sure if a ¼ teaspoon of Sodium citrate was 250 of sodium it was hard to find that calculation.
This mix seemed to work well with no stomach distress using a 23 ounce bottle and a occasional chase with water. I use the Specialized insulated purist bottles because I like my drinks cold as long as possible. I have done anywhere from 1 to 6 hours with a bottle an hour, no problems. Lately as the heat picks up to the 90-95 range after two hours I am very thirsty. I am assuming it’s just not enough water? I usually carry 5 water bottles with me because I like to keep riding. 3 bottles are drink mix and 2 bottles of water. I am assuming with the increase in heat I should be drinking at least a carb bottle and half a water bottle an hour? About 35 ounces of water an hour? That means more water stops I guess? I wasn’t sure if the amount of sodium played a role in how thirsty I am.

I also tried this mix because I have used this custom blend for about 3 years without any stomach
problems, then I started reading that I may not be getting in enough carbs so I modified it, but Infinit
says it is no longer isotonic which I read may not be as important as people once believed.

Any suggestions on modifying these two mixes to make them better for me. I am assuming the Infinit
mix is a 2:1 as that was the popular thinking at the time. Thanks for all your insight. I have one more ride
on Saturday to dial in a mix and then I have to put together about 10 baggies of mix to carry with me on

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If I’m reading this correctly I think your calorie calculation for the sugar is off. It should be 4 calories for each gram. So 120Cal in the first table and 60Cal in the second.

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It is.

Yep, probably.

Yes, more water if gut can tolerate. Keep sodium concentration the same as you have now. Sodium just helps you retain the water.

Correct, isotonicity matters much less than overall energy density and sugar ratios.

This is correct.


I have been using this mix with a 1/4 teaspoon of BCAA thrown in and for the most part all is good. A little stomach distress on harder efforts. Lately after the ride the post ride urination is burning. Is this most likely too much salt, not enough water, or too much BCAA? I have never encountered this problem before. I really believe something in my mix needs a little adjustment.