How much water do you drink?

Assuming a bottle is 500ml (16oz) How many do you take in per hour while on the trainer?

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4+ per hour as an option… really?

I’m honestly shocked by the 3 count at the moment. What workouts and how hot are the rooms people are using for training, wow?


My space starts off at 70F by the end of my 1 hour workouts the temp has risen to 75F

I typically go through 1.5L of fluids with the last 250ml being part of my warm down.

1.5 ish? Probably a bit over one 24oz bottle.

Varies a lot depending on which hour. I’ll drink more in the latter part of a long sweet spot workout or late in an endurance ride than I would for a one hour.


depends on how hot it is and also my intensity of ride… I would say 1.5 though

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I typically grab my small (16oz) bottles for 1hr Endurance rides, but I tend to use a larger 20-22oz) bottle for most other workouts, which are usually 90 mins+ for me. If my room is particularly hot or I lack cold air to snag from my window, I will do a large and small bottle to be safe for 90m workouts.

I typically have one 750ml bottle in front of me and depending on the heat, intensity etc it’ll either be near empty when I finish or hall full. If a work out goes over an hour I like to have a 2nd bottle to hand even if I don’t use it.

Not the poll I came here to answer. But too much for my weight, and not too much to damage my liver (knocks on wood).

  • This post is about WATER, not “the sauce:stuck_out_tongue:
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I drink a 24oz bottle every 45 mins, so I chose 2. Based on the replies, the poll really needs 1.5 and not 4


:100: this ^^^

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I don’t have god rights to make the changes or I would.

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I don’t even think I can make changes to polls like this after they have been up for 5 minutes or so.

Indoors, I drink about 1.3 l/h, i. e. two 650-700 ml bottles. I drink a bit less on endurance rides, perhaps 1.0 l/h. I always have two bottles with energy mix that I drink, which gives me 94 g of carbs. The other bottles are plain water. In addition, I consume gummi bears and gels.

Depends on how long the ride.

Short ride, there’s not much reason to fret over replacing as much water loss per hour. 500-1000mL per hour is plenty when the ride is an hour.

Ride over 2 hours, and you’d better be closer to replacing water & sodium lost or performance will soon tank. If sweating heavily 1000-1500mL is probably optimal for more folks.


Hour to 1.5 hours? Maybe a bottle if I’m doing really hard stuff. If I am doing low sweet spot or lower, probably nothing at all.

2 hours and beyond, maybe 3/4 a bottle an hour

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Yes, absolutely, I don’t even bother with anything smaller than a 1 liter bottle.

I consume about 1 liter/hour doing Z2, but consumption goes up on anything more intense. Not unusual to finish 2 liters by the end of a 90 minute Threshold or Vo2max workout.

I run two Lasko blowers at my core and a smaller fan for my head, and a ductless mini split system to keep temperature and humidity in check. If anything it’s more likely to be a bit chilly. I have enough cooling that I can periodically soak up the sweat before it drips all over my equipment.

That all being said, I think it partially comes down to the ease of taking a swig while training indoors. There’s absolutely no thought and effort needed in comparison to riding outdoors.


Around 4 bottles but that is because I often accidentally drop them on the floor. I drink around 1-2 for an 1.5h workout

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None of the above. 0.5 maybe.

I drink 1.5 litres this time of year. I have carbs in one 750mL bottle and water in other. The answer will really depend on how much people sweat, which varies quite a lot. It will also depend how much of the hour is warm up , cool down, how intense and long the intervals, and how long recovery periods are etc. Some workouts I’ll go through both bottles, other workouts not so much.

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