Smart trainer control with bike computer

Hey Guys! Anyone know which bike computer that is the best for controlling my smart trainer (elite suito). I read somewhere that Garmin isnt very good at it, someone knows?

Thanks //Viktor

Control it with th TR app and if you want to control it separate to TR use the Elite App.

I use Garmin 1030’s to control a Tacx Vortex and a Saris H3 and it works fine. I only do simple stuff with it, like riding at X watts, and control it up and down by 5 watt increments. Would be difficult for more complicated things like 30s on / offs. I have also used their workout creator and okay, but I don’t think you can save multiple workouts (I have not looked at in a while so may be wrong). It works, but not as advanced and functional as TR.

I tried using my Edge 510 when I first got my Elite Drivo back in 2015. There was nothing wrong except the screen was too small for the indoor pain (weird that it never bother me outdoors). After all Garmin is the one that created the communication protocol, Ant+ FE-C. If you are referring to the protocol, verse FTMS, that’s more of a preference (requirement for apple ecosystem). The two protocol will be different and each manufacturer can elect to implement all or some of the features. FTMS implementation tends to be more losey goosey than FE-C since there’s no single entity like Garmin holding the gates (for better or worst, think HTML 4).

Thank you for your answers. I have been looking at the new Bryton S500 lately, seems like it is what i am looking for.