Tacx Genius - insane speeds recorded

First post, hope people can help.

Am running a Tacx Genius and have done FTP and first proper SS training session. More than happy with feel of trainer, cadence numbers and power measurement - but the speed is off the chart, averaging something like 80km/h.

Looking at the settings in both the Tacx app and on TR the wheel circumference is similar (2096 in TR).

Any ideas welcome.

Obvious one is to run it up in a known gear and cadence in the Tacx app, which I will do at weekend, but after that I am stuck.

For my Elite Direto, I had to divide the wheel circumference by 12.1 and then input this figure into my Garmin manually to ensure the speed was reading right. Could it be something similar with the Tacx? Does it mention anything similar in the Tacx manual?

Tacx use circumference as it is measured same as TR so unfortunately that isn’t an option for me, thanks though.

A fair bit of googling and some time on the Tacx website led me to spot a function called ‘align’ on the app which can resolve cadence and resistance issues. Will try that too.

With the Tacx Genius, you shouldn’t have to divide your wheel circumference by anything to get somewhat accurate power. The speeds these trainers give out are actually “virtual speeds” that are calculated based on other things (i’m not sure how they are calculated). So, for the most accurate speed readings, it is best to get a dedicated speed/cadence sensor.

That said, if you are just trying to get in the ball park, the virtual speeds will do just fine. Most likely, you might just have to use erg mode in a couple easier gears. Even though the trainer will adjust power, having your bike in a hard gear while using erg mode will cause you to still get high speeds.

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Thanks, do have external sensors (but batteries dead) so will try the align function and if no better will connect them.

Speeds being off don’t bother me so much but we got a group of guys training at same time and it always looks like I have done 4x distance of the others.

The align feature sorted it via the Tacx Utility app.

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