TR Calibration: Bluetooth vs Ant+

I have a Tacx Vortex that I’ve been using since December '18. I’ve primarily linked it to my macbook using ant+ with no issues, or so I thought. This week I decided to run Zwift simultaneously with ant+ and TR on my iPhone w/ bluetooth. It works just fine, but now that I’m calibrating within the TR app from my phone my rides have gotten much harder. I can only assume that the power level was over reporting for the past 5 months. I’m comparing workouts that I was doing months ago and my effort based on HR was about 7% less. I don’t think I’m losing fitness because I feel great. I don’t have a power meter to measure against. Hopefully it’s something I can get in the near future. I know FTP is just a number, but damn this sucks.

To confirm, you calibrated:

  1. MAC, ANT+, TrainerRoad
  2. iPhone, BLE, TrainerRoad

Checking to make sure you were not using Zwift for any calibration.

Correct. I’ve never calibrated within Zwift, only TR about 8-10 minutes into the ride. I calibrate within the Tacx app as well to make sure tension is good, maybe once a week or if the bike comes off the trainer. I’m getting a few dropouts here and there as well that I never had before. When I switch back to the workout on my phone after calibrating, it will stop recognizing power. I had to bail on a workout and start over this morning.

Interesting. I suggest emailing to see how they can help.

Will do, thanks Chad!

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