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since a few months I’m having a lot of issues with my trainer, Elite Direto XR, now the webshop where I purchased the trainer agreed to give me a discount on a smart bike instead of sending my trainer in for a warranty replacement.

I have 2 options:

  • Tacx Neo Bike T8000
  • Wahoo Kickr Bike

I found several threads online about both bikes. But all information is quite outdated already. most of them even from 2019. I would like to know your experience with these smart bikes. ERG mode stability is one of the most important topic as this was the main reason why I want to get rid of the Elite trainer.

I saw that the Tacx Neo Bike was having some issues to have a stable power in ERG mode. But since most of the reviews online several firmware updates were released, so I was wondering if anyone know the current status.

What is your feedback on both smart bikes?



i switched from Neo2 to Neobike last week and i am total happy with it, work as good as Neo2 for the last 3 years and is totally silent (really totally), the only thing that isn’t working perfect is the left/right balance measured without power meter pedals like Vector 3.

Here a comment of Garmin Forum:
because it is an estimated balance with Neos, not true balance as with dual pedals. sometimes it is close to the true balance, sometimes (as in your case) it is far off. it is the same with spider-based powermeters too , those have estimated balance too. pointless to look at…

I came from a elite direto xr to the neo smart bike and it’s chalk and cheese.

My work outs that looked like Boris Johnson’s lie detector went to pretty much flat.

I use it with TR and zwift.

I was torn between the neo and the watt bike atom, but given everything exercise tech related I own is garmin I thought I would follow the route incase there was a tie in.

I think if you look into the erg issues, you just need to make sure the version of bike you receive is of X model version, as soon as mine arrived I checked that and was all good. Anything prior is a likely. A problem

How i can check if it is a X Model version?

Pretty sure it said on the box the exact model, so you could as the reseller to confirm before buying it.


oh shit, the big box don’t exist anymore, it was destroyed because my Bike store assembled the Bike for me and transported to my home 2 streets away of the store, i only have the 2 small boxes with the bottle, bottleholder, Zwift Coupons, Tacx Training Software Coupon and so on

I’m sure it will say somewhere on the bike itself. Just found the model that has the issues resolved is: T8000.62.

Found it via google on the Wiggle Q&A sections where everyone is asking the model versions…

Thats all i can find:
there is only T8000 or is it T8000 48?


and the 48 is for 48 Volts DC (VDC) power input.

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Mine says the same. And mine is definitely the later model. Not sure how else to check, maybe contact tacx?

But then, if you’re not having problems with ERG - probably is the correct version?

yes, haven’t problem with ERG, but would be interesting what version, i will check the Tacx App tonight where you can install firmware!

So finished my first workouts on the Tacx neo bike since I got it last week. The first workout the connection dropped several times because my laptop was not close enough to the bike. But after correcting the position of the laptop the training was amazing compared to the Elite Direto XR. The Tacx was able to keep all power targets almost immediately and with all ranges of cadence. An amazing difference!

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you connect your laptop with ANT+ or BLT?

With ANT+

if possible try it with BLT, it is more stable with computers, Mobile phones or Tablets, only a Bike Computer with ANT+

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