Sliding Wahoo Kickr

I have a Wahoo Kickr that sits on a rubber mat (hardish) on top of a tile floor. When doing climbing drills or sprints, the Kickr slides forward. Does anyone have a solution to prevent slide outside of getting a more plush rubber mat?


If you plan to keep the current mat in place, you could consider trying double-sided carpet tape or similar tape between the mat and your floor.

  • This only addresses the potential issue where the mat and trainer are sliding together, over the floor.
  • I am not sure by your wording, but maybe the this is happening?

Or, if the issue is the trainer sliding on the mat itself,

  • I have seen is using a weight placed in front of the front wheel. Something like a 15-25 lbs hand weight. Essentially, anything heavy and large enough placed in front of your wheel to act as a “stop”.

Thanks Chad. Sorry for the confusion. My Kickr is sliding on top of the mat. I also use a Kickr Climb, so the weight may not be a solution.

Maybe I am doomed to buying a new mat(s) - the wife has a similar setup next to mine. Do the Wahoo mats work well from preventing slide?

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Hmmm. Maybe some tape under the leveling feet and center feet on the Kickr could help?
But the small surface area of those limited 4 contact points could prevent it from working well.

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Go to the Floor Coverings section at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Where they have the big rolls of fake grass and similar products, they also have a roll of cushioned floor mat. About 3 ft wide…have them cut-off a section that is 6-7 feet long and you should be good to go. Thinner than an exercise mat, but soft enough that it should stop your “trainer creep”. Helluva lot cheaper than exercise mats, too!!

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Do you have the feet of the Kickr properly balanced such that the middle leg is firmly on the ground? I had mis-adjusted the feet on my Kickr at one point years ago and it led to enough float on the middle leg that anything out of the saddle leading to slight jumps forward on each pedal stroke.

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Hmmm… let me check. I thought that I did, but can’t be sure. Thanks!

You are giving me an idea. Maybe securing some of those carpet protectors for furniture legs to the mat could help.

As always, thanks Chad - your info and contributions to this site is appreciated!

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Now I didn’t know this. I would have purchased mats there years ago. Pricing on exercise mats are such a ripoff. This is very helpful.

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Happy to help anytime I can :smiley:
(I have a strong desire in problem solving, especially with mechanical design)

Mentioning the furniture cups, are you talking about the ones like this, with the nice grabby spikes?


Similar. Something like this and bond to the mat with some sort of high strength cement. If made of rubber, I may not need to glue and friction would prevent sliding.

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I posted this on the “Cheap Trainer Stand Hacks” thread…the mat pictured is what I bought at Lowe’s. Hope that helps.

Nice! Will check that out. Thanks for the photo!

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I have a softer style mat. Jetblack brand. The machines I have used have sort of sunk into the mat a bit, essentially a kind of recess or lip that it doesn’t slide out of.

I would get a slightly thicker and softer mat.


I have the Wahoo mat and it doesn’t stay in place. When climbing it often rolls under the pedals and I need to get off to even it out every climb…I’ve lost so many good race places as a result :grimacing: where to put the weights to weigh it down to stop it happening. If I put anything near the pedals they get in the way

Believe it or not, this won’t work: